Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Review - Mexitan SPF 30 Sunscreen

100% All Natural, No Harsh Chemicals, with GREEN TEA, a powerful antioxidant. Biodegradable Sunscreen!
For anyone needing added protection, including children, this lotion is healthy for the skin, providing high UVA and UVB sunblock protection when applied as directed.

So, I really love this sunscreen. My favorite part about it is that at my store (Nantucket Natural Oils in Newburyport MA) you can have it scented with your favorite perfume. My other favorite part is that it is all natural, it's first ingredient is Zinc Oxide, which Hillary just posted about as being super important in sunscreen. It has a slight smell of all naturally lovely things, sort of like cocoa butter with green tea infusion or something. It also soaks in sooooo quickly, and doesn't leave you feeling yucky after you get it on, it is more like a lotion than any other sunscreen I have used. The SPF is 30, and it protects for about 4 hours each application (if I remember correctly from last summer). It is only about $17 for 8 oz., um is that not the best price ever????? Seriously, sun protection is so important, give it a try.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the review. i was looking for a high spf all-natural, chemical-free sunscreen and you helped me make up my mind about Mexitan!

Anonymous said...

I use mexitan everyday before I apply my make-up and it is wonderful. My make-up goes well over it..it's not greasy/oily. I don't get itchy or irritated skin like I did with some of the other sunscreen lotions.
Just don't apply too many layers cuz it will leave a white film..but even if it does just wipe it away.