Sunday, May 4, 2008

Review - Skin Abstract Blemish Potion

Blemish Potion is conveniently packaged to blend in with your natural skin color and/or foundation. As you are covering up your blemish, this fast acting potion will begin immediately to dry and heal skin breakouts.

I don't break out a lot, but when I do, it really bums me out. I'm vain enough where I don't even want to leave the house with one zit, I'll do anything to hide it, use my hair, wear a bag over my head, hide behind other people on the subway... whatever it takes. When I got a few little bottles of this stuff, I was skeptical. There are so many blemish creams that claim they can zap zits and make them disappear fast, but they really just dry out the top layer of skin and make them even harder to cover up. I don't know what the special formula of this product is, but it works really well and can blend in with foundation. It really does work, and seeing the size of the bottle you can get online for about $18, I imagine it will last forever, considering a small sample tube lasted me one month (the sample size was about that of one of those mini perfume sample bottles). If you hate zits, I recommend this stuff.

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Pooja said...

oh my go amazing product , i had severe acne on my face since ong time , but with this product it vanished in a day and i am serious , you would understand what i am saying when you use this product , please go for it don't think twice its worth it!