Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Review- eSHAVE Shaving Cream

The main ingredient for our perfect shave: eShave Shaving Creams lather instantly, delivering essential conditioning ingredients to prime the skin for shaving. The rich, thick, warm lather helps soften the hair and open the pores therefore virtually eliminating shaving irritation each time for a close, comfortable shave. eShave Shaving Creams leave the skin moisturized and silky smooth. Each shave cream is formulated for different skin types to provide specific benefits.

This is a shaving product that is actually cream, not foam or gel. I used Floral which has a soft rose petal scent. I experimented with using the cream on one leg and soap on the other to shave with. The cream definitely made my skin smoother, which makes sense. I also used it on the bikini area and really appreciated the smooth, non-irritated results. It also seemed to truly help remove hair better than other products I’ve used. Wherever you shave, that’s a good outcome to have.

Amanda S. Says:

I really like that this shaving cream is so creamy and not foamy. For my taste it went on a little thin and I had to use quite a bit to get the lather that I'm used to, but that's probably my problem in assuming I need a ton of lather to protect from razor burn. I used this product (mine was lavender scented) for my under arms and legs and it worked very well for both. The shave was smooth and no razor burn in sight. I would say, however, this works about as well as the kiss my face shaving cream that I am used to using, although I'd be glad to give eshave products a try because I love the scent and the special creaminess.

Movie Maven Says:

I don't like shaving my legs for a couple of reasons - mostly, it takes time in the shower that I would rather spend in my bed, but the other big reason is that I have an extremely high propensity for cutting myself. Like, blood everywhere, 70s-slasher-film high. Consequently, I shave my legs far less often than my skirt-wearing habits would indicate (hint: opaque tights).

However, when I used this eShave Shaving Cream, whatever emollients or moisturizers or space-age polymers were in there apparently protected my legs pretty well, because I ended up with far fewer cuts than is typical for me. Sweet! Plus, the white tea scent was nice without being overpowering, so it wasn't competing with any of my other products' scents.

There is a major drawback to the eShave line, and that's that in order to use it most efficiently, you need to use a brush to apply it - yes, the old-timey shaving brushes dudes used in barbershops. Since we didn't get brushes to review, I used my fingers to apply it, which worked fine, but because the consistency of the product is much less viscous than your typical shave cream or gel, you have to work a little harder to lather it up. I feel like the brush would have helped, but the ones eShave sells on their website will set you back 90 bucks! Kind of a stiff tab, but I'm willing to bet that the shave cream will go farther and lather better with the brush involved. (A cheaper model, not related to eShave, can be purchased here.)

The bottom line is: although this stuff really does work better than your typical shaving cream from the 99 cent store, it's a serious investment.

Dermot says:

I've tried shaving with 'shaving-oil' before. I wouldn't say it was a complete failure so much as a bewildering experience for me. Maybe I'm old-fashioned but I'm just not down with replacing my shaving foam/cream with oil. Not to mention the instructions tell you to use a "couple of drops"! How would that be enough? I needed shaving counsel. Luckily, I found out on 'Queer Eye' that for a smooth shave, you put on a few drops of oil, then apply the shaving foam. This is what I did with the eShave oil and cream (use sparingly) both of which had a captivating almond aroma.

Now I used the eShave tools a few times. Once with a new blade and twice with a pre-owned model. I really enjoyed using the shaving brush. I don't think I had used one since I was a teenager learning the trade. There's really no need for a brush with aerosol shaving foams. A brush makes a big difference when you're shaving soap comes in a jar or a tube. The lather goes on thick and evenly and reminds you of your father shaving.

All my blades performed excellently thanks to the environment provided by the Eshave products. My face felt smooth, soft, moisturized, pampered and (very importantly) closely shaven. I had none of the nicks or redness which have long plagued me and stolen my joy of shaving.

I'm happy to say my faith has been restored in shaving products for we of the sensitive skin (even though the eShave Almond Shaving Cream is for "Dry to Normal skin"). For the even more sensitive skinned, use eShave's Floral or Lavender shaving creams.

Deedlejuse says:

I sampled the Eshave Shaving Cream only, like the other ladies above. I shave my legs, and I do so in the shower, probably about twice a week usually in the morning. The Eshave cream I got was scented with lavender, and I'm not whining, but I really think lavender is an overrated fragrance. Sure, it's pretty, but it is by no means the kind of scent I want to shave my legs with in the morning. Perhaps others will disagree, but I just can't figure out why they even make that fragrance for a shaving line. At least the fragrance doesn't linger on the skin.

But, I'm nit picking, I really enjoyed the way the cream lathered. Movie Maven is right there is a definite advantage to having a brush, I stole my boyfriend's and it worked like a charm. The lather was much less impressive before the addition of a brush, but it still worked in and was use-able. My legs feel considerably more smooth when I use this product instead of just regular shower gel but I really haven't tried many other fancy shaving creams so I can't really compare to those. Honestly, I haven't cut myself shaving in 4 years, not once, so I just never thought it necessary to expand the chore into actually needing another bottle of product. I was way off base on that one. My skin feels nicer and smoother and less irritated after I used the Eshave cream. I would definitely recommend giving it a try, even though it is rather expensive. The mini travel size has worked for me for probably 20 shaves, and it is still half full.

Justin Tyme says:

I must say I loved this product. The silky yet frothy texture made for smooth application and kept my skin (which is very sensitive) moisturized and calm. The scent is light and doesn't over power any other products in use. After rinsing there was a slight moist glaze over the shave area which I removed with toner. I very much enjoyed this product and am looking forward to more eSHAVE products.

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