Friday, May 23, 2008

Review - Skin By Monica Plump For Sexy Lips Peppermint

Apply SKIN by Monica Olsen™ Gloss to bare lips or over lip color for high shine. To keep its rich consistency, do not overheat.

So this Lip Plump is Vegan, and all natural. It is super difficult to find vegan cosmetics, and also those devoid of the long list of chemicals you can't pronounce and didn't really think were good to put on your skin in the first place. So thats a plus, in my opinion.
I know that lip plumper is supposed to tingle, I have even had some plumpers that tingle to the point of pain, but this one really hurts. Like, I kissed my boyfriend while I was wearing it and he literally ran to the bathroom and started scrubbing his lips. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I didn't feel very sexy at that moment. The pouty look of my lips could not counteract that kind of reaction.
It really does work though, it makes your lips look much fuller and sort of rosy red. You don't need a lip color under this gloss, it makes your lips red for you! If you really want vegan cosmetics this might be a great option, or at least the product line is a great heads-up. The animals thank you!

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