Sunday, May 25, 2008

Review - Kiss My Face Active Enzyme Deodorant

Kiss My Face Active Enzyme deodorant contains baking soda and other botanicals to neutralize and eliminate odor - it lasts all day! Contains no artificial fragrances, is colorless and really works!

I'm always trying to find products that aren't tested on animals and that don't contain dangerous or unhealthy ingredients. I tried Tom's of Maine (I like their toothpaste a lot) but it irritated me a little bit for some reason. So, I love Kiss My Face's shaving products, and I figured I would turn to them to try a deodorant.

I have heard that the aluminum in some deodorants are bad for your body, and because I'm no heavy sweater, I thought I could try something that may be a little less severe. I chose the summer scent (there is a fragrance free option available), used it for 2 weeks, and found that not only did it work great, but I smelled good and I didn't have any of the annoying underarm irritation after shaving that I sometimes get from regular deodorants. I even used this deodorant at the gym and it worked fine. It's under $5 and it appears this stick is going to last forever, because I haven't even had to dial it up yet. It goes on non greasy, there's no color to rub off on your clothes, and there's absolutely no weird after-shower stinging or strong weird smells. I'm really starting to love this company's products, not only because they are nice to animals, but they're also nice to my body.

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