Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Review - Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things

A fragrance so sexy, the box whistles when you open it. Tempt and tease with this fruity-floral blend of apple, exotic jasmine and sensual cashmere woods. Domestic.

Fragrance type: fruity floral
Top notes: apple, waterlily, osmanthus
Middle notes: jasmine, honeysuckle, lotus
Low notes: cashmere woods, musk, iris

Ok, people might notice that I am changing my original post. This perfume is seriously a chameleon, I love it. When I first applied I really, really didn't like the smell. Like I wanted it off me, and even though I tried it numerous times I repeatedly washed it off because I didn't want to smell like dirty fruit water.
Today I left the house before I could actually wash it off, and I forgot that I had it on. I applied it at 12 pm, it is now 10pm and I can still smell it in a delicate, but definitely there sort of way. Although it is still not my favorite scent I have ever worn, I like it much more than initially. It is soapy and fresh, still rather fruity but musky in a much more sexy than that initial over the top smell. Give this fragrance a chance, even if you hate it out of the bottle, because it will definitely surprise you.

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