Thursday, May 1, 2008

Review - Mario Badescu Makeup Remover Soap

For gentle, daily cleansing this creamy, oil-free cleanser removes make-up and surface debris from all skin types, leaving it soft and smooth. Non-drying, non-soap formulation.

My skin is so sensitive that honestly, I often don't wash my face save for every few days and even then with something super super mild. If I am not careful my face can have a complete freak out/melt down complete with peeling, redness, hives and rashes. This cleanser is so gentle it felt like I was rubbing a moisturizer into my face rather than a cleanser, my make up slid off effortlessly without a fuss and there was no stripping of natural oils or required skin protectors. I've been using this product for two weeks (Along with two other Badescu products I will also be reviewing) and my skin is noticeably way more calm and collected, less red and flaky and less prone to zits/rashes. 16 oz is only $20 and will last forever, I highly recommend this stuff!

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