Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Review- Nantucket Natural Oils Organic Spa Bath & Shower Gel w/ Oat and Apple

Pure, natural cleansers from moisturizing coconut and sugar are blended with certified organic aloe, lavender, verbena and orange, plus oat and apple proteins, in this ultra-hydrating gel that soothes and hydrates. Shea butter, vitamin B-5 panthenol and vegetable glycerin add an extra dose of vital nourishment for supple skin. Enjoy the rich lather and skin comfort in the shower or bath!
4 oz. $8.95
8 oz. $15.90
scenting extra
I smell delicious! I got out of the shower about an hour ago and I can still smell the shower gel I used. You can get Nantucket Natural Oils shower gel in almost any scent you can think of- literally- plus you can combine scents to create a new, unique scent. I got mine scented Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue (one of my favorite perfumes). I'm really impressed with the way the scent has lingered and yet remained subtle. The shower gel really adds moisture to your skin as well. This is my new favorite product!

Deedlejuse Says:

I love that this shower gel is organic. I don't know if it is because its organic (probably not) or because it is just really good but it leaves my skin super soft more like a shower cream than a gel. I actually work for this company, so I get to play with the scents a lot. Because of that I can make really fun scents in my body lotions and shower gels. My personal favorite is a combination of a perfume called Gaia (in the imports and house blends section) which is this awesome crisp fragrance with grapefruit and lavender, and Marc Jacobs Daisy which is a sweet flirty floral. The combination is just sooo good, in fact I haven't gotten any products with anything else for a while because I like it so much! Your wake-up shower will never be the same. The scents in the body wash are really fun because you can smell them in the shower and they are pretty strong. Unfortunately I don't think the smell stays too well after you wash with the body wash, but I work in a perfume bar so personal fragrance has to be pretty strong to get me to notice it!

Sheba says: I am a firm believer in these products. I received a heavenly fragranced oil as a present and that convinced me. I will do a review on that later. I have been using the 'Fresh Laundry' scented Bath and Shower Gel and it certainly resembles 'Clean' as claimed. It is definitely one of the best gels I have used and the scent is absolutely perfect for a 'Clean' perfume lover. It lathers up very well and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, and silky with a slight remaining scent. That works well for me as it blends with my 'Clean' perfume. My skin is quite a bit less dry than it was. . . and that is not a benefit I get from most other bath gels. Some fragranced ones I have tried actually dried my skin. Hey, you can pick your own favorite scent. Their list of designer scents goes on and on and they are very true to the scent they are aiming for. The prices are very reasonable for the quality and quantity of the products. You can shower with your favorite fragrance at a minimal cost compared to what you would pay for the actual designer's gel -- and they are so close you won't be able to tell the difference, except in the cost. Do not think these are similar to the knockoff sprays you find everywhere. These are in a completely separate league. Those are cheap imitations while these are true resemblances worth the cost.

CitySlicker Says: I have this in the scent of Marc Jacobs Daisy. I honestly can’t think of a better way to start my day than showering with this. It’s got a great lather when I use with a bath pouf, it starts off light then froths into a great rich foam... The scent it so great, it’s fresh clean, lightly floral and wakes the heck out of me. My skin is definitely hydrated and not dried out at all. I do follow up with a body cream out of instinct but I really believe that it’s unnecessary. Common on?? The fact is, I want MORE, like in a gallon bottle! You can't ask for more!

Movie Maven says: I just wanted to weigh in here, since it looks like all the other reviewers got perfume-scented versions of this. I chose to get two essential oils, mandarin orange and clove, combined in one scent, which is glorious. It's so fresh and not heavy at all, and the spiciness of the clove with the sweet, tart orange works really well. Obviously, since you can choose your own combination, there are ample ways to create a scent that doesn't work as well, but this product is great for times when you want to recreate a scent you already like, but can't find anymore. Two sudsy thumbs up!

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