Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Review - Biore Pore Unclogging Cleanser

Help your pores breathe a little easier. With 50% more gentle exfoliating spheres, this creamy, pearly, oil-free formula exfoliates better than ever to give you the unclogging power you want without the irritation.

This is a really basic, fairly mediocre cleanser. It smells nice, works okay, is sort of on the thick side, and is pretty boring overall. My major issue with it is its claim that it's an exfoliating cleanser. This, simply put, is not true. An exfoliating cleanser should have enough exfoliant in it to make you feel like you've scrubbed your face. At all. The number of little beads in this product are - okay, imagine a big, steaming hot bowl of delicious oatmeal, ready to eat. Now imagine putting six raisins in it. That's approximately the ratio of exfoliating bubbles to cleanser. I can't imagine who would like this - if you don't want any exfoliation, the beads would be annoying, and if you actually do want exfoliation, there's not enough.

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