Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Review - Wonder Care Shea Butter Lotion

To Soothe... Calm....and Nourish your skin.

I came across a little bottle of this shea butter lotion at the International Beauty Show, and have used it for a few days on my really dry skin, we're talking elbows, knees, on my feet, places that get dry and can turn ashy if you don't keep them in constant check. Other than a great price (under $7 for a jar of it), the scent is beautiful and the ingredients are natural and imported from Ghana. As well as working awesome on dry skin, for those that don't know, shea butter can stop blemishes, help heal sunburns, shaving bumps, heal scars, and do all sorts of wonderful things. That said, if you DO know all this great stuff about shea butter, you are probably paying someone else a lot more for a product that comes naturally here at a great price and from a family run business. A little goes a long way and the company backs up the product with a money back guarantee.

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