Monday, June 15, 2009

Review- Prive Finishing Texture Spray

I tend to have hair that likes to hang flat and limp, like an overcooked piece of linguine hanging off the side of a cooking pot. For this reason, I am fond of two things: a) teasing my hair within an inch of its life* and b) looking for new products that might help me "fluff up" my lank 'do. This Prive Finishing Texture Spray (Herbal Blend #89) is just the thing. Lighter (much lighter) than a hairspray and not as sticky as a pomade or texturizing cream, it basically just lends a little heft to your hair to make it look fuller without making it look dirty or greasy (which is my main problem with most texturixing products. I was surprised by how much I liked this stuff. It smells great, gives my hair a little boost (no shine, though, for those of you for whom that's a concern), and looks adorable. My main complaint is actually packaging-related: the cap tends to fall off, and when the cap falls off, the little sprayer-head-thing is more likely to fall off, and then you're left with a can of spray that you can't...spray. In any event, I fixed it, and it's fine, but it was bothersome for a moment. It may have taken 88 previous iterations to get to this herbal blend, but it was worth it.
Malikah says: I've been trying to give my flat iron a break and embrace my natural waves for a more carefree, low maintainence summer hair style. I've tried several texturizers and pomades, trying to achieve those sexy, loose, but not ridiculously wild waves. After washing my hair and letting it air dry, I spritzed on a good amount of Prive Finishing Texture Spray. The spray had a great light scent and didn't leave my hair feeling hard or crunchy like some hairsprays can. It didn't really help my curls hold up to the humid weather, and I generally try to avoid products with alcohol that can really dry out your hair. I didn't really like the "semi-matte" finish either, so I would go for something that really added shine. I think it would be great for someone that wasn't worried about the drying out factor, but this one didn't really work for me.

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