Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review- Nailene French Tip Pen (Black)

Ok. I liked the white pen... You can read my review of that one here on beautifile. I really had fun with it. I really did. Then Hillary gives me the black pen kit.... Listen, I didn't even know that people DID black french tips on their nails until I got this. Boy, I really screwed this up. I had black color everywhere, stuck under my nails, on my fingertips, somehow it got on my lip??? I have no idea what happened. Boy what a mess. I am sorry to report, the black, if that's your thing, is NOT very easy to use. Maybe the intensity of the color black was way too intimidating for me to deal with, and it made me mess up more, but I did not find this stuff "mistake proof".

Movie Maven says: As long as I have worn nail polish, I have preferred an unorthodox palette to the traditional reds, pinks, and mauves you typically see as nail options. (That line in Cabaret where Sally Bowles talks about painting her fingernails green? I lived for it.) Once, feeling particularly inventive, I gave myself a "French" manicure with a sky blue for the base and a deep navy for the tip. I was reprimanded by my (retail) boss for my "wild" nails, until a customer pointed out that my manicure matched the bags at the store at which I worked. Triumph!!
So when I got the chance to try out the black - yes, black - French tip pen from Nailene, I was psyched. I decided to try it out with a deep burgundy for the full goth-teenager look. The pen was pretty easy to use when I was using my dominant hand, but not so with the other. I used some guides I had left over from another Nailene kit and that worked just fine. (Amanda, I'm sorry you had such a trying time with it.) However: I have had these nails for less than 24 hours and it's already starting to chip off. For those who are wondering: I used a base coat, two coats of the burgundy stuff, then the black tip pen, then a topcoat (also by Nailene). Perhaps I should have done the pen first and then the color? Then I'd have to use something more sheer. In any event, the black tips don't seem like they're going to last very long, which is a shame, because the 17-year-old me is really, really into them (and the relative ease of application).

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