Sunday, June 28, 2009

Review- Lancome La Laque Fever

For the first time at Lancôme, an elixir of vibrant concentrated color and unprecedented shine in one gliding stroke. From the moment of application, densely pixilated pearls combined with unique polymers give multi-dimensional shine that truly holds to your lips: no touch ups for 8 hours.

This is SERIOUS lip color. Do not think that they are messing around with the 8 hours with no touch ups thing - it is totally true. Somehow, defying all logic, this lip color stayed with me (the queen of eating off lip color) for very, very close to 8 hours. I was in total shock the first time I tried it, so I had to try it again the next day just to make sure I wasn't going crazy. Then for the next week, because I couldn't believe it was really true. So rest assured I have tested, retested, and retested after that the longevity of this bright, bold, and beautiful La Laque Fever. It wears like the amazing combination of superglue/ lipgloss that it so obviously is. The pigment is bold, not opaque at all, more like a lipstick than a gloss, but it still has shiney glossy attributes. Seriously I don't know how they did it! My only complaint, and it's a minor one, is that it seems to get really sticky after like 4 or 5 hous. So sticky that I like to refresh the gloss to get the fresh feeling back again. It could just be my lippies not being used to actually being coated for that long so we'll see what everyone else has to say.... The color I got is Chromed Pink, a luscious deep dusty rose sort of hue. It's wonderful, if marginally darker than I normally wear, but very nice for a dramatic look! Also, I should mention that the applicator thing is thin (pliable) and much wider than normal. It is so good that I have to wonder why most other glosses use the traditional dip-stick aplicator which really dosn't make a whole lot of sense anatomy-wise. Two thumbs up to Lancome and La Laque Fever!

Movie Maven says: I have to agree with the accolades on this one - La Laque Fever is insanely long-lasting. Now, I didn't quite get 8 solid hours out of it and had to reapply after maybe five, but still - kind of ridiculous for something that's billed as a "gloss." This isn't really a gloss, but more of a lip...paint? Lacquer? There has to be a better word for this. The color I got is called "Electric Pink," and electric it certainly is. I think I could power a small country on the power of the neon color in this lip...varnish? Words fail me on this product. Anyway, the color is bright, and shiny, and a little bit sparkly, which are all things I enjoy my lips being, so it worked out pretty well. It does tend to get a bit sticky after you've worn it for a bit, but it's easy to reapply. The one thing that for me, the cheapest woman in the world, was a problem is the price tag: it's $26. For some of you lip fanatics out there, this might seem all right, but for me, it's almost a dealbreaker. However, this stuff works so well that I just might be addicted to it, and if cigarette prices in New York are any indication, addicts will pay just about anything for the object of their desire.

Amanda S. Says: WOW. Oh.... wow. I get it why people are willing to pay for this lip gloss. When I opened it I thought, OK I get it, it's all fancy-pants packaging and big name label. But seriously, what a difference! I have used... thousands of lip glosses in my life I'm sure, but I've never had such luck to use one and have it feel great, match great, wear great, and last long. I know this is a recession and the economic has downturned and all that, but if you are going to get wild and buy yourself something, skip the peasant shirt that everyone else already has and buy this if you are a lip gloss junkie.

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