Monday, June 29, 2009

Review- Nailene Bedazzle Fashionista Nail Art

Easy to Apply Nail Art Stickers For Fingers and Toes! Everything You Need to Create Fabulous Nail Art, from Rhinestones to Pearls, Flowers to Butterflies, All At The Tip of Your Nails.

These things are dangerously addictive. I decided to add a few to spice up a tired, neutral manicure. You can apply them with your fingers, but using tweezers makes it much easier and more precise. I started with a simple pattern in mind - three small blue flowers just on my ring fingers. After finishing that design in 5 minutes flat I decided they were so cute and easy, why not add a few more. Before I knew it I had transformed my chic mani into a cringe worthy collage of blue flowers and tiny sparkles, like an overzealous junior high schooler doing her nails for the first time. Luckily, the stickers come right off with a bit of nail polish remover. I started over, and this time I made sure to keep it simple. My tiny floral pattern (this time on just one nail on each hand) stayed put for about 5 days. It helps if you apply two coats of clear polish or top coat to seal the design. Nailene offers a variety of Nail Art Stickers, from the Fashionista (colorful flowers, sparkles, metallic hearts, moons, and stars) to the Earth Angel (pastel butterflies, flowers, and letters of the alphabet) so you can choose which style will work for you. Each pack includes a huge variety of stickers, so you can switch your designs up as your mood changes. Just keep my mistake in mind - less is more when it comes to these little guys.

Josephine says: These nail stickers made my and my 2 year-old's son's nails look really cute. He chose the half-moons and I, the stars. They stayed on through a rough and tumble visit to the local sandbox (for us both!) as well as cooking and cleaning one long Sunday. Like Malikah said, they take me back to a simplier time when applying art not at all designed for one's nails was a past time, circa freshman year in high school. I also agree that tweezers are your friend in this project.

Sultana says: I wish I listened to Hillary when she told me that its best to wait until your nail polish is dry before you apply these :(. OK, I learned my lesson quickly! They tend to roll up and not stay stuck to your nail. The rhinestone hearts, stars and half moons definitely won me over. I agree with Hillary when she says they are generously filled with different designs. This is great because you can mix it up. One thing I didn't like was that some of the designs don't have ten of each of the same kind. So if you wanted to put the same design on each finger or toe, you might not have enough. Other than that they have great staying power and really cute designs! Of course, my daughter had to 'experiment' with these also and she loved them too!

Trish says: At first I was a little intimidated looking at the 400+ stickers in the packaging, wondering how I was not going to make a mess of myself, (and my home), but once you open it, a whole new world of fun nail art opens up magically! I had more fun than I had expected with the Bedazzle decals and added the clear ones on my pedicure! Definitely perfect timing for sandal wearing. And since I couldn't stop, I added a few more of the flowers on my fingernails. It's like tattoos for your manicure/pedicure! If you want something fun and subtle, the clear decals are wonderful...they bring classy mani/pedis to a whole new level of sparkle!

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Amanda S. said...

I agree on the addictive part. I think we reviewed some of these before, and I have still be putting them on my thumbs and pinkies here and there. they're so cute!