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Review- Pencil Me In Eyeliners

The Pencil Me In website talks a lot about the supposed health benefits of their products - that the antioxidants and the vitamins in the pencils help keep your eyes protected from free radicals. The copy also says they are the "newest 'green' cosmetic," but I'm not sure that the person who wrote that knows what "green" is typically intended to mean. Nowhere on the page does it say anything about being particularly environmentally-friendly. Maybe it's referring to the all-natural ingredients? It's not terribly clear. That said, however, whether these eye pencils are somehow "better" for you than others or not, they certainly live up to the claims of being tug-free and come in the widest (and wildest) variety of colors I've ever seen.

I had two colors, the Emerald City and the Mint (the Mint being the light, light green pictured above). The Emerald City, a deep jewel green with a touch of blue in it, is wonderful for hazel-eyed girls (me) and redheads (not me; I wish). It's everything you want in a liner - easy to apply, doesn't pull your eyelid all around, and stays in place for a good long time. The highlight shades like the Mint could theoretically be used in a number of places; what I did was put it just in the crease of my eyelid, giving my eye a brighter, lighter look without overdoing it.

Overall, the Pencil Me In is a great product - above average when compared with other similar products, and a reasonable price. But the thing that tips the scales for me on this one: BUILT-IN PENCIL SHARPENER. Yes, it's true. It's right in the cap. It's SO GREAT. Now, this does require that you not lose the cap, which I have been known to do, but it's so much easier to keep track of than a free-floating sharpener. Definitely a big recommend on this product.

Hillary says:

I got these pencils in something called "Buff" which is actually a very light green and "Platinum" which is silver. I love all the funky colors these pencils come in. I can't think of many colors you would look for that they don't have. These pencils have a great consistency- just soft enough to glide across the eye area and just hard enough to keep a point. And as Movie Maven pointed out, this pencil solves the age old problem of searching for a sharpener, as it's right on the cap. The Buff pencil makes my eyes look bigger and the Platinum makes them just look cooler. I ditto everything Maven said about the "green" product question, but I appreciate any additional anti-oxidants which are thrown my way. After all, every little bit helps!

Amanda S. Says:

I got two great colors of this eye pencil: denim and greystone. They go great with my light blue eyes. I too was a little confused about the 'natural' aspect of this product, but beside that, they're great pencils. They went on really smooth without skipping and slipping along my eyelids when I worked with them, and they also didn't turn to mush and lose their strength either. I often have trouble rubbing my itchy eyes too much and lose my eyeliner quickly, but this stuff stayed put.

Joyce says:

I like eye pencils I can sharpen, and appreciate that these come with their own sharpeners in the cap. I tried Brownie and Indigo (perfect for true hazel eyes--gold with green rims), especially when I use brown at the top and blue smudged into my lower lashes. They aren’t too hard nor too soft . . . they’re like Baby Bear’s porridge—just right. I do not like when I have to drag a pencil across the delicate eye area repeatedly to get it to work or repair it because it smudges too easily. And, they stay on. I like ‘em!

Sheba says:

I have been using their Black Velvet and Brownie. Both are very soft and easy to apply -- no more dragging!! They open up your eyes and help to make them pop. I thought I had two neutral colors however, maybe that is best for me. The Brownie does seem to really bring out Hazel eyes. . . seems to make them sparkle a bit. I honestly think anyone can use these two colors to full advantage. Their array of colors is amazing and you will find have difficulty selecting one -- you will probably end up with a couple. They do have some staying power -- I did not have to refresh these as often as I usually need to. You can lightly line for the office, etc. and go a bit heavier at night or whenever you want a more noticeable effect. Also, I found them to be relatively easy to remove with soap and water. I use a gentle soap and it took them off quickly. . . no racoon eyes, etc. The sharpener is like the frosting on the cake -- what a simple but very smart idea.

Deedlejuse Says:

I have to agree with everyone on how fun and use-able these eyeliners are. The colors I received are so cool: Meteor a bronzy highlighting sort of color, so wearable when you don't want to really commit to a color, and Lapis an almost navy dark blue. I love the way they glide on, they aren't too malleable, which is great because it is easier to control. I also love the built in sharpener, I am forever loosing sharpeners for some reason and it is much more difficult to loose it when it is attached to your favorite eyeliner! So much fun, and for only 7 bucks? Yeah, I love them.

Malikah says:

When I think about my perfect summer makeup, I think soft, shimmery, easy to apply, and long wearing. Pencil Me In Eye Pencil in 24 Karat Gold totally fits the bill. The frosted metallic yellow-gold pencil had a great subtle sheen and glided onto my eyelids effortlessly. I applied just a little bit and smudged with my pinky finger for gorgeous, yet still daytime appropriate eyes. When getting ready for an evening out, I layered a bit more of the eye pencil on my upper eyelids and swiped a tiny bit just under my lower lash line. My eyes instantly looked bigger, brighter, and drop dead sexy. I felt Studio 54 ready in no time at all! Sadly, my disco eyes didn’t beat the summer heat, but as the pencil started to fade it left pretty little sparkles across my eyelids. It wasn’t as defined as I had hoped it would be, but still looked great. If you’re looking for an easy way to achieve super glam eyes, definitely go for Pencil Me In 24 Karat Eye Pencil.

Josephine says:

I have the mint color sans sparkles. When I looked at it I thought, "Aw, h*ll, no" based on my own skin tone and eye color but I was pleasantly surprised with how soft the color is. It does go on fairly creamy although my problem with a consitency like this is that it doesn't go on very evenly. There is a run-off of color on one's lashes which "has to go somewhere" buy the day's end, and that generally is not a good thing. The sharpener, in my humble opinion, is neither practical or necessary for an eye pencil. It also doesn't work that well. I am going to throw it in my kit and use it on my ladies of color in the future.

Trish says:

I love colored eye pencils and especially love the look when I see it on others! However for me, maybe it's because of my darker eyes and golden beige-ish skin tone, I can't seem to make the right color work...hence a box full of blue eyelining pencils! When I tried the Pencil Me In shade in a baby blue called "Sky" I had great hopes it would match my skin tone and eyes...sadly, it didn' the shade didn't quite work on me, but it's still a good pencil with a soft smooth feel. As much as I like the look and the pencil itself, the light blue doesn't quite go with my dark hair and eyes.

Sultana says: I got this in a color called 'Pink Lady'. I remember when I was younger, the popular thing to do was a wear a white liner to make your eyes pop. This pencil reminded me of a white liner except its pink. I put it on and what it does is give your eyes a very subtle pop. The color is a nice baby pink. But you can put on additional layers to create a brighter pink. I love pencils that have a sharpener in the cap. It just simplifies life! I would definitely purchase this in another color. I even tried the pink out on my daughter. It is so subtle an 8 year old can wear it!

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