Saturday, June 13, 2009

Review- Coola Lip Lux Peppermint Vanilla

Highly concentrated with the finest food grade certified organic and active ingredients, LIPLUX is the best all-in-one lip treatment and protection. Featuring our proprietary blend of fruit butters including organic Raspberry and Avocado, LIPLUX hydrates and nourishes while our trademark broad spectrum UV protection and natural photo protectors work year round for soft, healthy and happy lips. Vitamin and antioxidant enriched - a truly tasty treatment.

I knew this girl in high school who would eat her lip gloss. Not just put a lot on and lick it off constantly - she would straight-up eat it. One time, she got one of those things that looks like a watercolor paint set, except it was different flavors and colors of lip gloss, and I swear, by the end of second period: gone.

It may be for this reason that I prefer a lip gloss with a subtler flavor to one that literally tastes like candy. I have seen how easy it was for this girl to spiral into a life of consuming something that should never be consumed (at least, at that rate and in that quantity), and I don't want to fall into the same trap with too-sweet lip gloss.

Which is why I like this Coola Lip Lux with SPF 15. It tastes pleasantly of Christmastime - peppermint and vanilla - but to a degree that is ladylike. Subtle. Not necessarily something you'd want to devour. But delicious nonetheless. You do have to reapply it fairly frequently, but hey - it's a lip balm, not a long-lasting gloss. It's soft, smooth, an overall solid product. I also enjoy the packaging quite a bit - it looks like what someone in the 1960s would have imagined lipstick packaging in the 1980s to be. Double retro!

Amanda S. Says: Oh... MM. How do I even follow this up without seeming silly? Can we sit on a beach this summer and split a lip gloss? OK OK, fine maybe not. But this stuff is really fun. I lose lip balm, chapsticks, whatever you want to call them, all the time. This one I'm actually really too attached to. So attached to that I won't put it in my purse, and am leaving it in the medicine cabinet where it won't slip off into darkness. The package is so cute and the flavor is so awesome. Maybe I need to just buy a few more?

Trish Says: I tried the Original-Scented version and loved the organic fruity taste. It has a real soft and subtle hint of raspberry fruit and avocado, and is almost nutritious tasting and healthy. The certified organic lip balm (with SPF30 protection) applies on smoothly, buttery-like, and feels like soft kisses on your lips. My only caveat is that I think it dries my lips out a little and then I really do have to apply and re-apply the balm. Not that I mind because it's such a lovely feel, hence the habit-forming nature of the product. If you're an addict of lip balm, this is the perfect product enabler...but, if you're somewhat like me and want to moisturize the lips as little as possible, you may have to be warned. Not only is the product sweet and addictive, it makes you come back for more! (And more).

Sultana Maharajh says:

I tired the Original version of this. I agree with Trish that it has a very subtle flavor. I am a lip balm junkie. I NEED to have my lips moisturized constantly or else I feel kind of inadequate! I put this on before I go to bed at night and I wake up with most of it still on. I love the flavor although I think I would prefer the Peppermint flavor more.
It leaves my lips super soft and it has staying power which is a plus. Overall, the scent is nice and it works! I say yes!

Josephine says: To show the power of the beautifile word of mouth, this balm had been in my loot bag but I hadn't try it yet. Behold the glowing reviews according to my compadres! All of the sudden, I needed more than anything to experience it for myself! True to their expert opinion, the contents of this tube of incredible are so smooth, I'm positive I let out an audible sigh as soon as it touched my lips. Also, it has an SPF which makes its stock go way up. In closing, anything with a starlight mint in its ad campaign is good.

Deedlejuse Says: So I don't need to elaborate on how wonderful this lip gloss feels, as everyone else has already talked about it. So I wanted to talk about how well it works. I took this little tube with me to Martha's Vineyard (a little town off the coast of MA) last weekend on the off chance that there would be some sun (it has been incredibly rainy here for the last month :() and I lucked out! Both with the sun shining, but also with the complete lack of sunburn from the roots of my hair to my body and best of all lips! This little tube not only feels great, tastes good and lasts a good long time, but it will also really protect your lippies from the harmful rays of the sun. I was definitely impressed, and I will definitely have this handy year round from now on!

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