Friday, June 12, 2009

Review- Nailene 4 Bottle French Manicure Kit

Don't let the fact that this French Tip Kit comes with 4 bottles intimidate you. It is a much less arduous process than it appears.This kit comes with a top coat, white polish, nail guides and 2 different nude polishes. Now keep in mind that you only need one nude shade per manicure. The hardest part of the whole thing is getting the nail guides just so (I'm vaguely anal-retentive about these things). Not that "hard" is how I'd describe it. It's a 5 step process if you choose to use base coat (which I do). Once your base coat is dry, apply the guides and paint the tips of your nails white. The guides function like that blue tape that painters use; it keeps you in the lines. **The key here is to not go too thick near the guide or else you'll end up with a ridge.** Then you just take off the guides and paint your dry nails with your choice of a lighter or a darker nude shade. Finish with the enclosed top coat & you are done. Now does that sound so complicated? It's not. Especially when my nail salon (which is inexpensive by most standards) charges an additional $5 for a French manicure than a regular one. I mostly recommend this kit for women who are used to doing their own nails. If you aren't in the habit, go for the French Tip Kit with the pen. I usually wear red, honestly, but I do feel that a French Manicure adds an air of class to your hands. And I'm all about the class!
*Note: The color which is showing up on my monitor for the 2 natural shades are nothing like they look like in real life. In person they are nice, muted natural colors.

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