Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Review- Danielle and Company Lip Balm

Our organic lip balm is creamy and moisturizing with organic shea butter and hydrating vitamin E for smooth and healthy lips! 98% organic ingredients. $3

Yum, yum, yum, this organic lip balm couldn’t get any better. I’m a firm believer that for any lip product, you have to take some time to evaluate it. At first, any balm may seem great, but after a few hours in may dry your lips or even make them burn.

I used Danielle and Company Lip Balm for three straight days, touching up throughout different parts of the day. I was surprised with how long the balm moisturized my lips—even after a meal and a drink, it stayed on. I also used it as a base underneath my lipstick and it transformed my normally matte look, into a well-moisturized glow. Plus, the sweet smell of lime was a nice touch.
You can get this lip balm at Danielle and Company for $3 or at other specialty cosmetic stores nationwide.

Movie Maven says: Well said! It's definitely worth trying products for a few days before evaluating them to get a sense of how they'll fit into your normal regimen (if they do at all). As a gal who typically has nothing but Chapstick on her lips, this Danielle and Company lip balm was a welcome addition to my stable of lip treatments with no color to them. The lime flavor was nice - pretty strong, so beware - but definitely natural-tasting, which is preferable to a flavor that tastes like it was concocted in a lab. I enjoyed the moisturizing properties of this balm: it stayed on admirably, but I could re-apply at my leisure to experience the lime surge again whenever I wanted! The only (extremely minor) issue I had with this product was the label: I have had lip products with a paper label (as opposed to a glossy sticker label) before, and they tend to get very dirty when tumbling around in my bag, so be forewarned if that's something that would bother you. As for me, I don't mind a bit, as long as the product inside is as good as this stuff. Thumbs up!

Josephine adds: I feel like I just did a shot of tequila. The lime is major. I am with you two, the balm produces the desired effect.

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