Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review- Dex New York Modern Minerals Loose Pigment

Highly pigmented bold color infused with advanced anti-aging technology -palmitoyl hexapeptide-14 stimulates eyelids and allows for cellular turnover. Paraben Free.

I must confess I am so on the mineral make-up bandwagon. I adore the versatility of powdered minerals and I'd use them for lots of purposes- eye shadow, liner, nail polish and highlighter. These loose powders from Dex New York are high quality pigments. I have two- Gansevoort Lavender and Chinatown Rose. The Gansevoort is (duh) lavender with just a touch of opalescence, not so much that everyone can't use it. It goes on very light but can be made more opaque by adding layers. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

Chinatown Rose is a darkish, vaguely fuchsia, reddish pink. I know that sounds confusing but just know this this color makes green and blue eyes pop like crazy! This color has a more opaque consistency but can to be easily blended to give it a more sheer look. This is a bold color but I absolutely love it. It's not for the faint of heart, but I think you can handle it ; ).

Movie Maven says:
I love living in New York, you guys. I love to love it, I love to hate it, I even love the MTA (no, really). But Dex New York? They really love New York. They love it so much that they named every single product they make with a New York-based name. It's a cute idea, kind of, but then you realize that these products have little to nothing to do with the actual streets/landmarks after which they are called. Bedford Avenue lipstick is not the color of disillusioned hipsters (it's tan). Stonewall pigment is not the color of gay rights (it's "jungle red"). They did try, in a couple of cases: St. Marks Place pigment is described as "Purple Haze," and considering the number of head shops there, it's apt. St. Patrick's pigment is green (well, "olive").

But MoMA pigment? The one I tried out? It's "golden pink." Which makes no sense to me, but whatever, I like MoMA. But when they say "golden pink," guys...they mean "GOLDEN pink." I first used this as a blush and I looked like a drag queen version of C-3PO. Not the worst look, certainly, but also not ideal for normal life. This pigment serves better as an eyeshadow, where the golden tint is an asset rather than a liability. Like Hillary said, these colors are bold, y'all, but you can do it! The pigment itself was great - super fine powder, easy to apply with a brush, and while it's a bit pricey at $22, the package is large and should last you a while. Overall, a good product from a solid company (their lipstick is great as well).

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