Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review - Burt's Bees Acne Spot Treatment

I got a bottle of this stuff to try out thinking, well... it's salicylic acid, so it's going to work like all the other products with that ingredient, right? Um, NO. Clearly there's some heavy duty business going on in this little bottle, because zzzzzzzzzap, the break-out I was suffering from disappeared in record time. The coolest things about this product are that it's liquid, and goes on invisibly and dries literally in seconds. It also smells very woodsy and natural, like it has licorice in it or something (that's a guess). Also, it has way more drying power than other cream products and seemed to be magical for me. On the flip side, I wouldn't recommend smothering this over your entire face (thus, it's called spot treatment, but you never know what we'll do in a moment of distress), it could definitely dry you out too much. But a little on a q-tip does the job nicely and didn't leave me with any extra-dried or peeling skin. I'm going to buy another gigantic bottle and keep it on lock down for future problems because I love it so much. Oh, and a teensy bit goes a very long way, so I imagine that it lasts forever.

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