Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review-Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel

What is it?A skin perfector that instantly per-fekts and enhances the appearance of the skin offering an easy alternative to traditional foundation, primer, color corrector and powder.
How does it work?This multi-tasking, modern gel-mousse glides on effortlessly to instantly improve skin tone, help maintain hydration, and reduce the appearance of redness and discoloration, enlarged pores, fine lines and shine. Skin Perfection Gel provides natural, buildable coverage and leaves the skin with a smooth, airbrushed finish. Simply pat, smooth and go! $57.50

I tried this product in the Decadent shade, a rich chocolaty brown that I instantly assumed was way too dark for my medium skin tone. I blended a tiny bit onto my left cheek and to my surprise, it disappeared immediately! I finished the application with just a few drops of the creamy mousse, and there was a barely noticeable hint of coverage. It really looked like I wasn't wearing any makeup, but several of my friends kept remarking on how my face suddenly looked clearer, natural glow. I'm not normally into the natural look, but the effects of the Skin Perfection Gel were apparent to everyone.

The Skin Perfection Gel is also buildable if you want more coverage, so just layer it on. It goes on quite smooth, without looking cakey, but it really doesn't give the level of coverage you would get from a liquid or cream foundation. I'm so used to a more polished, glammed out look with my makeup, so I have to say this wouldn't make it into my everyday beauty routine. However I love it for lazy summer days since it takes just seconds to apply, looks totally natural, lasts all day, and really keeps your skin hydrated while controlling oil.

If you have struggled to find the right foundation, or really just hate the look and feel of heavy formulas, you would fall in love with this. The price tag seems a bit much, but it only took less than a dime sized blob to do my layered look, so this tube will definitely last awhile. And considering its like a color corrector, primer, foundation, and powder, you'd save loads of time and money by not having to use all those other products.

Sultana says: I agree 100% that this is a very good foundation for minimalistic coverage. Due to acne scarring, I need a heavy foundation & powder. However, I tried this underneath my foundation and it worked so beautifully on my oily and acne prone skin.
I have this in the 'Rich' shade. It is a pretty mocha that would be suitable for someone with a medium skin tone.
I love products that shrink your pores and give your skin a matted look. This is great for the summer if you want something extremely light weight. If you sweat a little, you don't have to worry that you will look like you are melting. This comes in a nice sized tube that you can carry with you and touch up through out the day.

Amanda S. Says: I agree with Sultana, I often refuse to leave the house without a heavy foundation and powder, so I wondered how much I'd really use this product. But underneath the foundation it actually really fills in some 'blanks' I've always had an issue with: fading, wearing off, sweating off, etc of powders and foundations. It really gave my foundation a good staying power in this super damp humidity lately. When my skin is agreeable and I feel like I can wear less to mask my skin issues, I think this is also great to wear alone because it gives a nice glow to otherwise bare skin.

Trish Says: I'm a perfectionist. So a product like this speaks closely to my heart! I tried the gel in a clear "Translucent" shade, which for me is the way to go with this primer, perfector, foundation, corrector gel. As directed, I applied the gel after using moisturizer, and noticed right away a sudden airbrushed quality to my skin! Since there's no tinted coverage to the colorless gel - (which I prefer as it is difficult to match my medium-toned skin) - I then followed up with a dusting of powder to finish the look - and wow, I absolutely fell in love with this high gloss, flawless look! No kidding, it looked as if my skin somehow stepped straight out of the pages of a high-fashion glossy and onto the streets of New York, without any Photoshopping on my part either! I'm super happy with the results. I find that the Translucent shade doesn't compete at all with my current powder or foundation, but instead it enhanced the quality of my skin. I'm also pleased with how long it lasted - the glowing and sheer effect stayed on for much of the day for me. Because I found this to be a super glossy, glammed up look, most likely I'll reserve this for special occasions or important events where you really want your skin to look ultra flawless and airbrushed for the cameras at least, as well as for yourself!

Movie Maven says: I hate, hate, hate looking like I'm wearing a lot of makeup - my mother never wears makeup and never has, and although I love to do crazy things with my eyeshadow, I feel like a heavy mask of foundation is not something I can get behind. So this "perfector" gel is great for me, because seriously guys: it doesn't look like you're wearing much, but your skin looks instantly better. On a scale of Rachel McAdams to Morgan Freeman, my pores aren't too bad, but this gel got them one step closer to The Notebook. I just put a little on my cheeks to even everything out, top with powder, and I'm good. My only complaint is that it's a little pricey, and how long it will last remains to be seen, but you really only need a TINY bit to give good coverage. Definitely recommended for ladies who like a flawless look with not a lot of effort or product.

Deedlejuse Says:
I feel bad, I have been waiting forever to review this tube of "per-fektion" because I just seriously don't like it. The first time I put it on I looked in the mirror and was shocked by how old I looked. I guess if you use powder, concealer, and the whole works and you want to try a less intensive regime you have found your perfect make-up. For those of us who really like to look balmy and natural (think glowing, not covered with powder) this might not be the product for you. I just felt covered, without the coverage I would have wanted from such a product. I know everyone else likes it, but I can't bring myself to!

Josephine says: I agree with Deedlejuse. I, too, have dragged my heels on this review because the first time I tried it I wasn't into it at all and I thought it might have been the time and place so to speak but when I picked it up again a few weeks later I had the same blah experience with it. It might be that it just does not work with my skin type. The consistency is hard to work with though as not a sponges or synthetic brush seems to be able to spread it well on one's skin. As a plus, it is really lightweight which may be appealing to some and it appears to be all you need if you're a super-simple minimalist grrrl.

Melissa says:
I tried the skin perfection gel in Decadent. I was a bit hesitant because I don't like putting foundation or concealer on my face. At first, I thought it was going to be too dark for my skin and just make me look unnatural. That was not the case! It went on so smooth and effortlessly. Even though it is a gel, I didn't expect that type of texture since it is a colored product. It acted as a good base and it it did help touch up some of the dark circles under my eyes and my uneven skin tone here and there. I could also tell that my skin was moisturized and nice and soft. I also love that it's so small that I can take it with me. Plus, I don't have to worry about this everything breaking on my like my last powder!

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