Saturday, October 24, 2009

Review- Sonya Dakar Lightening Mask (Discoloration)

For discolored skin, this lightening mask continues the facial process by absorbing impurities and refining the skin. Formulated to meet eco-friendly principles, this mask is free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and dyes. Helps purify skin, brighten discoloration to promote an even-toned complexion. $72 for 2 oz

I had some pretty notorious acne throughout my high school years, and while my breakout days are over, I'm still left with a bit of discoloration due to the post-acne scars. Pesky little pimples tend to leave scars and dark marks, especially when they don't heal properly (yea I'm guilty of popping and picking at them). Sonya Dakar Lightening Mask is is an amazing mask, formulated with licorice and Vitamin C to naturally lighten dark splotches. I applied a thick layer to my skin after washing off my makeup, and let it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing off. I didn't see any effects after using it 3 times, but usually with a product like this it takes a few weeks before you really see results. The only thing that turned me off about this was the $72 price tag. I can't really say if its worth the expenditure without using it for an extended time period; however I would suggest using it as a spot treatment just for dark marks instead of a full facial mask.

Trish Says: Last week I noticed the beginnings of a tiny pimple starting, so I did what came naturally next - I tried to get rid of it before it grew. Well, suffice to stay the pimple won out and became a worse scar in return! Thankfully, I had a sample of the Sonya Dakar Lightening Mask available, so I gave it try, at least to remedy the damage I created in the first place - and I'm pretty pleased to say, it worked! Of course the scar was pretty tiny and fairly newish, nothing too dark or noticeable yet, and the mask seemed to accelerate the healing and clearing process nicely. It didn't take away the whole scarrring effect all in one use, but a vast and noticeable improvement did result. What could have been a long, drawn out scarry mess became a tiny small mark that gets lighter with every use of the mask. Of course, the mask is on the pricey side still, and the scar doesn't go away immediately, but the healing effect remains remarkable and quite the mistake corrector when we take bold actions against those annoying little pimples!

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well many masks can do that in less price these days