Monday, October 12, 2009

Review- Boske Dermaceuticals Hydra-Boost B5 Gel

Quench your skin's thirst with Boske Dermaceuticals Hydra-Boost B5 Gel. This oil-free, lightweight serum contains a blend of Vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid - binding moisture to the skin and supporting tissue repair. Wear it on its own or under your favorite moisturizer to instantly boost your skin's hydration levels, leaving it radiant and supple. 1 fl. oz. $48

This fluid is not a moisturizer in it's own right (although those with oily skin can use it in place of a moisturizer), it is more like a moisturizer "super-charger". I use it when my skin is feeling especially dry & it gives my skin just what it needs. Moisture. It goes on a lot like water and dries with no sticky feeling. It also helps heals little imperfections like when you just cant keep your hands off that zit & it turns into a cut more or less. The ingredients are simple, but they are effective and since you only use about 5 drops per use (it comes with a dropper), a bottle will last you a while. For those of you with dry skin or those of you that will be spending a lot of time outdoors this winter, this fluid could be the "skin saving" add on you've been looking for.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, i've read your review about Boske B5 Gel,it's helpful, can u please post the total ingredients cause i couldn't find it anywhere:(( and because that i have a very sensitive plus intolerant skin, i really need to know what's inside! and because it's not sold at my country, i'll have to buy it online, therefore i have no chance to go a store and check the label :(( İ'll be really preciated if u can just add the ingredients list to your review,too! Thank u! :)))