Monday, October 5, 2009

Review- DDF Protect and Correct Moisturizer

Reclaim the natural radiance of even-toned, more youthful skin while helping to prevent future discoloration. This facial moisturizer contains a potent Micro-Radiance Complex™ and diminishes the look of discoloration for even, translucent, healthy looking skin. Also contains SPF 15 to help protect from UVA/UVB damage and future hyperpigmentation. 1.7 oz. $60

This Protect and Correct Moisturizer lives up to all its claims by evening out skin tone and healing away any noticeable scars or discoloration. I really liked the smooth and balanced tone this moisturizer delivered. It created a smooth and even-toned canvas for me that provided a spot-free, clear base underneath my foundation. Furthermore, it brightened my skin fully making it look more radiant and natural. The only downside though is that I have super sensitive skin, so this moisturizer caused a noticeable breakout. It's unfortunate too, because this beautiful moisturizer works so incredibly well, sadly its potent formula was a little more than my skin could handle. If you have more resilient skin however, and are not prone to any breakouts whatsoever, then this is a fine moisturizer that repairs and protects at the same time. If however you have sensitive skin, be warned because this formula is effective. It's too bad, too, since this is such a nice, rich moisturizer that it fully hydrates the skin, while balancing out the tone brilliantly.

Hillary says: This is one of the only- correction- the only- moisturizer that actually lightens discolorations without using hydroquinone. The sad fact is that I am allergic to it, the most widely used lightening agent. Everything I had put on my discolorations up until this point had done about the same as putting spit on a tissue on the spots. This lotion has convinced me that, yes, it is possible to lighten melasma without hydroquinone! Not only does this cream work fabulously, but it has a full-spectrum SPF 15 and it's I found it to be gentle on my skin. No reactions whatsoever. I can't recommend this lotion enough for those of us with age or sun spots.

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Have tried once and it was altogether a very good experience :)