Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jason Natural Antioxidant Rich Lemon Zinger Body Lotion

Energize tired skin and enliven your senses with a burst of aromatherapy. Our Lemon Zinger Herbal Tea-infused lotion blends hibiscus, rosehips and orange peel to nourish with Vitamin C and antioxidants while zingy scent of lemon keeps you on your toes.

Are you a fan of Celestial Seasonings herbal teas? Lemon Zinger is one of my fave flavors from the brand and this creamy lotion perfectly captures everything I love about that tea. It is light and creamy, and absorbs easily without leaving behind any greasy residue. And the smell is just sensational! While some lemon-scented products remind me of sweet and sour lemon candy, this lotion somehow manages to be bright and, well, zingy, without smelling too strong or sweet. The fragrance is definitely much more sophisticated. This stuff sits prominently on my bathroom counter, so I can find an excuse to use it several times a day!

Trish says: Celestial Seasonings is one of my favorite natural tea brands on the market! Trying a lotion in the same family of brand had wild reviews for me - only because the scent reminds me so much of how much I love their teas. But, once I got past the scent of "Lemon Zinger" as a lotion, wow, I really fell in love with this lotion. It fully hydrates, leaving my skin feeling soft and nurtured, at the same time I know that quality ingredients went into making this product. If you like the smell of lemons or citrusy products, then this is a definite delightful lotion to have around. Also, if you like knowing that your products are healthy for your body and your peace of mind, then look no further, the JASON lines as well as any Celestial brand delivers top quality in a holistic and peaceful way. I love using this lotion and any product that comes from their line of quality-based products. It makes me feel good inside and out. Two thumbs up for a healthy-minded consumer!

Movie Maven says: You know all those times when you're drinking a delicious cup of Celestial Seasonings' Lemon Zinger tea and you say to yourself, "Hey - I think my WHOLE BODY should smell as good as this tea," so you pour the scalding hot tea all over your body, and burn yourself, and then you don't even smell that much like the tea? Okay, maybe not. But if you're like me, and you love herbal tea, so much so that you want that aroma on your person, look no further than Jason Natural's Lemon Zinger. This is synergy at its finest, people. The tea folks and the lotion folks got together and made a product that is better than either one alone! It won't keep you warm on a cold winter's night like the tea, but it will certainly keep you moisturized on a dry winter's day (or night), and give you a kicky citrus scent along with it. Overall, this is a fairly run-of-the-mill body lotion - nothing to write home about - but the scent truly is terrific. Plus, it comes in three other tea-based scents, including Sleepytime! You could have a scent for any time of the day or night. Bonus.

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