Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review- Privé Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Enriched with ginkgo biloba, green tea and soy, Herbal Blend #10 imparts incredible volume instantly while cleansing the scalp and hair without using any water. Even baby fine hair is left full of amazing body, texture and grip to hold any style.  Key Ingredients:

• Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgo) – helps deliver better circulation to the scalp, which supports healthy hair follicles and promotes growth of thicker and fuller hair
• Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) – packed with antioxidants that combat free radicals, green tea also contains vitamins C, E and panthenol, which help stimulate hair growth, sooth the scalp and strengthen and condition the hair
• Glycine Max (soy) – full of amino acids, soy promotes healthy shine, texture and manageability

Now, the PR company is not going to like that I'm saying this, but the first time I tried this product- I HATED it!  I told Jean at Privé's PR firm this and she said "Just give it one more chance."  So I did, except this time I read the instructions: "Hold 8 inches from hair." was a big eye opener.  The first time I used it I held it maybe 2 inches from my hair and sprayed away.  It ended up looking like a mess.  BUT, and this is a big BUT, when I used it according to the directions my hair came out fabulously!  Not weighed down like with some dry shampoos and with great combability and no flyaways.  It uses mostly rice starch to clean your hair and it's really great on even third-day-hair.  So what have we learned here today:
1. Hillary is wildly impulsive and jumps to conclusions.
2. Hillary is big enough to admit when she's wrong and gives second chances.
3. Privé Volumizing Dry Shampoo has actually turned out to be as good as if not better than my favorite dry shampoo and I will continue using it. 

Trish says: I have to agree with Hillary, that "8 inches from the hair" is what makes a world of a difference! I too didn't read the directions and the dry shampoo made my hair look heavier and weighted in the beginning. But, following the advice here and on the spray, I get it now! When used properly, my strands do look cleaner and softer, like I just washed and blow dried my hair. (Which comes out better than if I actually did attempt to blow dry my hair on my own!) The key to this spray, different from the others I have tried, is to use a light touch, and a good distance away from the scalp and hair, and you're all set to go!
The results are lovely and as a detangler I was most impressed, but figuring out the distance and the applied pressure is what makes this dry shampoo truly click! Otherwise, your hair can look a little heavy if you spray too much, too closely!

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