Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Review- Privé Concept Vert Volumizing Froth (mousse)

Privé Concept Vert Volumizing Froth- Enriched with Amazon açai and babassu oil, Privé Concept Vert # 110 is a revolutionary non-aerosol mousse that provides incredible body, volume and definition. This nourishing high-yield foaming cream amplifies your style while leaving hair soft, shiny and full of bounce.

• Clean air technology provides incredible volume without releasing any HFCs into the atmosphere.
• Innovative delivery system provides more than twice as many applications when compared to traditional mousses.
• Great for defining curls and reducing frizz.
• Froth is creamy and easy to apply.
• Travel friendly size is perfect for those on the go.
• Color safe formula.
   $24 for 2.5 oz.   This product rocks on a number of levels: it's the only mousse- product I know that doesn't use petroleum-based propellants to get it out of the container, it holds your hair exactly where you style it, it smells good and I had no period of trial and error with it because it seems to be pretty klutz-proof.  Basically you pout a little bit of this froth into your hand (a quarter size for your whole head) and it's a liquid.  Then you rub your hands together a bit, pull them apart and watch as the product foams up.  We're not talking oodles of foam, but enough foam so that you'll have no problem styling even long hair with a quarter sized amount, so a little goes a long way.  And it has a lot of hold for such a small dose.  I am growing out my bangs, however, the front of my hair falls forward.  If I use this mousse and blow dry my hair back, I don't have any problems with "hair blindness" (when your hair goes in front of your eyes and you can no longer see, usually at the least opportune moment).  I also really like that I'm not using any propellants which are bad for the environment.  Privé as a company is not totally green, but they do do a lot to be greener than most hair companies (recycling their shampoo and conditioner bottles when returned to the salon, making this mousse with no propellants, etc.).  If you haven't tried anything by Privé yet, I highly suggest placing an order or stopping by one of the salons.  The products may seem costly, but they really do last a long time when used correctly.

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