Monday, October 22, 2012

Review - Become Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Berry

This smart formula is not just pretty, it contains innovative active ingredients to promote collagen production, stimulate cell renewal, moisturise + protect. $16

Key Ingredients
Palmitoyl OligopeptideCollagen Booster
Jojoba OilNourishing + Moisturizing
Vitamin EAntioxidant + Protecting

This isn't your average lip gloss, but then again Become isn't your average cosmetics company.  They are Anti-Aging Cosmeceuticals that actually make your skin healthier while also making you pretty.

When I hit 30, I realized I had to be more aware of the things I use on my skin but I didn't really think of my lips. Your lips will age just as much as the rest of you and its important to keep them looking youthful. 

We all know I am all about lip products and I was exited to give this a go.  This lip gloss by Become is a pretty universal Berry color that will go with any complexion.  The formula is smooth and even after the gloss has worn off, my lips still felt conditioned.  Its nice to know that not only is it making my lips colorful, its also boosting collagen production and moisturising with Jojoba and Vitamin E.

I like the fact that Become eliminates the middle man and sells direct. You can also choose to have your own business opportunity with them or host a party and have the chance to earn FREE product! 

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