Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Post- Fashion Week Interview with Jorge Luis, Celebrity Stylist at New York City's Prive Salon

Just after Fashion Week I had the opportunity to interview Jorge Luis of the prestigious Privé chain of salons (New York, Los Angeles, Orlando and Miami).  Jorge works out of New York City.  I had the privilege of attending one show that Jorge led (John Bartlett, Menswear) and one led by Laurent D, the owner of the salons (Steven Burrows, Cultural Icon).  Both Jorge and Laurent are absolutely charming and can get an individual hair to do exactly what they want it to!  The look at the John Bartlett show was very casual and the hairstylists used lots of Privé Dry Shampoo (review to follow).  The look at the Steven Burrows show was described as looking like "the models had had a very expensive blow-out the day before".  The hair for both shows was gorgeous!

Interview with Jorge Luis, Celebrity Stylist at New York City's Privé Salon

Hillary: How are you feeling after fashion week?

Jorge: When I got home last night I was beyond exhausted between doing one or two shows a day and seeing private clients at the salon. It was great but it was a little bit too much.

Hillary: You were seeing private clients as well?

Jorge: Well yes, I had to take care of my clients, so I was at the salon until 9- 10 o'clock at night.

Hillary: I can't believe you're even awake.

Jorge: Well I got some rest and did some meditation, so now I feel like a million bucks.

Hillary: What do you think was the overall look for the hair for the shows. Was there one specific thing?

Jorge: One thing I noticed and I was very happy about that is that people stayed away from beachy waves. Another thing that caught my eye was that I was doing the high bun in February and I was over it, but I kept seeing the high bun this season over and over again. That really caught my attention, because I thought we were over that and I thought we were moving forward. That's the main things I noticed, beachy waves were nowhere to be found thank God and the high bun was everywhere, which was odd because we did that last season. And as far as trend is concerned I saw a lot of really natural looks and in the other direction I saw a lot of structured hair.

Hillary: Did you see a lot of 80's hair?

Jorge: Not too much, not too much, we did that two seasons ago. The whole influence right now is either very natural or very very structured, no flyaways, very finished, which I like that look.

Hillary: Is it more fun to do structured or something like beachy waves?

Jorge: It's more fun to do something different. I was getting really sick of every designer asking me to do beachy waves for their shows. That trend lasted a long time. And basically you have to do what the designer approves or the stylist.

Hillary: What was your favorite show that you worked on this season?

Jorge: I love all my shows. I always look forward to doing Son Jung Wan shows. I really liked the look I did for the Helen Yarmak show.

Hillary: I also wanted to ask you what is your number one tip for taking care of hair?

Jorge: Basically to keep hair hydrated, I tell all the models at the end of fashion week go to the health food store and get a jar of coconut oil, put it in the microwave not until it's hot but until it's watery, and put that in your hair. After fashion week that's a must for hair. It's a bitch to get out, but it works wonderfully.

Hillary: That's good to know.

Jorge: It's only like $10 and it works wonders.

Hillary: Exactly. Exactly. Thank you so much for answering my questions, it's been a pleasure.

Jorge: Feel free to call me with any hair stories you may have. Bye-bye. 

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