Friday, October 26, 2012

Review- DHC Kakonjuka Cream

Intensive moisturizer that fights fine lines and wrinkles
Launch date: March 2013, $32
Kakonjuka is Japanese for "flower, root, tree, fruit." Six Japanese and Korean botanicals soothe, hydrate and fight fine lines. Includes:
-Maitake mushroom - soothing, line-fighting beta-glucan
-Platycara strobilacea -promotes collagen
-Licorice leaf - moisturizing
-Great burnet- soothing antioxidant saponins
-Purslane- soothing Omega-3
-Reishi mushroom - soothing, line-fighting beta-glucan

I'm so impressed with this DHC Kakonjuka Cream, which is a dream beauty cream to me! 

I've been testing this (courtesy of DHC) for a couple of weeks now and my skin has taken on a significantly noticeable improvement. Before using this cream, I had problems with tiny breakouts, parched skin and fine lines, yet after using this regularly, my skin is so much smoother, more elastic and radiant, it almost looks like a different person's skin!

I've used this moisturizer both during the morning and in the evening. It's lightweight and silky, leaving a sheer and glowing finish - perfect for setting makeup and leaving your skin thoroughly hydrated. Yet, as a night cream, wow, I found that the botanical extracts and rich ingredients really do repair my skin cells overnight and promote collagen growth!! Each morning, I was surprised to see that my skin looked a lot more refreshed and replenished. Also, with regular use, I noticed that my skin actually looked brighter and smoother even without wearing the moisturizer.

This is definitely one moisturizer to keep a lookout for early next year when it's released. I know for me, I plan to order this in the future when I run low, because it works like nothing else I've tried in making the skin look more youthful, radiant and smoother rather immediately! Also, I have highly sensitive skin and this did not cause any irritation or breakouts either. I'm happy with the results and will surely keep it in my anti-aging regime a long time!

Hillary says:
I, too, love this moisturizer.  I echo all of Trish's positive points and I'll add one of my own- it's kind to sensitive skin.  I have trouble with all kinds of moisturizers, especially around my eye area (no, I don't usually use a separate eye cream) which almost always reacts to the slightest thing.  Not with this cream.  I also love that this cream is the perfect consistency for day or night; it doesn't make you shine during the day, nor does it make you wake up with dry skin in the morning.  It doesn't break me out or contain a heavy fragrance either.  Overall, I highly recommend this cream.  I realize it doesn't come out until March, but when it does, place your order because your skin will thank you for it!

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