Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review- DHC Skincare Deep Cleansing Oil

This could be the most effective makeup remover you've ever tried. Experience radiant skin by discovering why this product is beloved by millions of people around the globe. This amazing olive oil cleanser dissolves pore-clogging dirt and makeup with ease, leaving skin feeling refreshed. $28

Okay, no matter what the season is, I tend to have oily skin, and clogged pores how would adding more oil on top of my skin make it look better? I don't know, but I do know that this DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is a worldwide best-seller for a reason - it works!!! After a long day, with residual make-up piled up, all it takes is a small drop of this Deep Cleansing Oil to truly cleanse the skin (applied dryly) and remove excess make-up, dirt, pollutants etc. thoroughly. I had to test the claims and applied it on cakey foundation, waterproof mascara and all-day eyeshadow - and everything came off! I was amazed. Even more so, my skin looked brighter and more radiant immediately afterwards and even to the next morning. It is luxurious feeling, but also affordable in my opinion, and is definitely a worthwhile cleanser to use a couple of times a week to deeply penetrate the'll feel like you're treating yourself to an intense mini-spa with all the glowing after effects! This is a great cleanser to switch up your normal routine for that added boost! I know for me, my skin looks much brighter, clearer and radiant as a result, with a healthy glow!

Sultana Says:  As you all know, I have oily and acne prone skin.  Just like Trish, I was petrified to try an oil cleanser.  As skeptical as I was, I tried this not expecting the best results.  I am so glad I tried this because I was so impressed.  This cleanser (if used the right way) will unclog all your pores and make your face the cleanest its ever been.   A little goes a long way, use sparingly for and make sure to rub into your skin until it turns white. 

I guarantee you will be happy with this product.  Its like no cleanser I have ever tried.  Since I have been using it, my face appears much brighter and my pores look less clogged. 

Hillary says:  I've been using oil cleansers for years as they are wonderful for both dry and oily skin (don't ask me how that is, but it's true).  "Cleansing oil with oil, it makes no sense." you say, but trust me, this product leaves your face as soft as a baby's bottom with unclogged pores and a radiant glow.  It is the best cleanser for when your face is dry; it's the only rinse off cleanser I can use during the dry winter months when my face becomes as dry as Gandhi's flip flop.  I recently found out that I suffer from dandruff on my face and this oil cleanser greatly reduces the amount of flaking I experience.  I'm so happy with it, I can see it being my go-to cleanser for years to come.  You may have heard about the Shu Uemura Oil Cleansers, but at a less expensive price point, the DHC cleanser delivers just as well if not better.  You don't even need a separate eye make-up remover, this oil does it all.  Okay, so I'm a bit overzealous about it, but when you find a HG (Holy Grail) product, you tend to get excited.  Try it- you won't regret it.

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