Monday, May 2, 2011

Review - Sally Hansen - Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palette – Earth

The jet-milled powders in our Instant Definition Eye Shadow Palette deliver instant, even, silky color and delicate dimension. And the coordinated color trio offers the perfect lid, contour, and highlight shades, all in one compact. It is the easiest way to create a stylized, professional look.

First: the above image, ostensibly of the color combination I got, "Earth," looks absolutely nothing like the actual colors. What appears to be baby-poop green is a middling olive, the champagny one up there is more peachy, and the coppery brown is closer to eggplant brown. I don't know what happened. In any event, I liked this eyeshadow palette! I am a big fan of the green/purple combo, so this made it easy for me to have a whole eye look in one case. The contour also worked double duty as a liner when I didn't want to do a whole big thing.

These are definitely a step up from a regular drugstore brand - obviously, you are somewhat paying for Carmindy's inclusion, but I kind of love Carmindy? She is like your cool older cousin who knows a lot about makeup and still kind of treats you like a kid, but will sneak you lipstick behind your mom's back. So I'm okay with that. They're not professional-grade, but they last through a day (or evening), and have good pigmentation. Like!

Melissa says-I really like the trio and use it about once a week. The colors stay on and look good on my skin. I don't use them to contour, focus on the lid, etc... I select one color (I'm not that good with applications) and it works! I also like how it's still natural while keeping the right balance of color. To be honest, I was always skeptical of drug store make up, but I really like this trio.

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