Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review- Matis Paris Age Preventing Primer

Prime your skin for perfection with this anti-aging primer from Matis Paris. AvantAge Initial- Age Preventing Primer is formulated for all skin types to prevent visible signs of skin aging. Longevity Complex boosts the synthesis of proteins, as Protective Complex shields free radicals and prevents protein glycation. The lightweight texture absorbs quickly, creating an even canvas for flawless, long-lasting makeup application.

When it comes to anti-aging skin care, all I really want is something that truly works! I'm so happy and pleased to say that this Matis Paris Age Preventing Primer delivers! It's cooling on the skin and gentle all around, but the noticeable difference is truly remarkable. I concentrated the primer on my "problem areas" focusing on the noticeably fine lines, and somehow they radically softened and easily disappeared. My skin looked incredibly smooth and polished (in a desirably good way) and more youthful and sleeker. With results such as these, it's hard to imagine needing any other gel or primer to look younger. One product, such as this, can resolve my pre-wrinkle worries. I even skipped days to see how much of a difference it made and noticed that wearing this primer really did erase those fine lines. The beautiful part is that this primer lasts all day and feels so nurturing on the skin, it's the least one can do when it comes to providing healthy looking skin. Definitely worth checking out, as I love this primer so much and its beautiful anti-wrinkle results!


Anonymous said...

Where did you purchase it? How much was the product?

Rakhshanda said...

Sounds great!!!!
Nice blog honey <3 Hope you check out & follow mine :D

Trish said...

Anonymous - you can purchase this at the Dermastore or's about $56 but considering how much less you'll need to spend for younger looking skin, it's well worth the investment imo...I also use a less expensive facial wash and moisturizer too, Cerave (check out the reviews on here) and combined with the Matis Primer or Serum (which is more expensive) I can say I look many years younger from this combination together! It truly works for me!

Rakshanda, checking out your blog soon! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message!!