Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review- Whish Sugar Scrub

Renew and polish your skin with Three Whishes Sugar Scrub. A unique combination of brown sugar, raspberry seeds, bamboo powder, and organic sugar cane extract combine to create a very pleasant experience. This combination is extremely effective in removing dead skin cells while polishing and refining the new skin that is left showing. Your skin will glow and feel renewed after just one use!

Being that I'm not rolling around in the sand at the beach all summer, nor am I doing anything extra to get that perfect sun-kissed tan, this Whish Sugar Scrub is definitely making up for my lack of a glow! After just one use, I noticed right away that my skin looked so much brighter and clearer, and now I remember what my dull looking skin looked like before the scrub. I tried this all organic and natural sugar scrub in Lavender and the scent was absolutely swoon worthy! There's no skimping here on scent, quality or effectiveness. The consistency is really nice thick and rich, and the sugar granules contained aren't too fine nor too coarse, just the right amount exfoliation needed to get gorgeous glowing skin and fast. The best part to me is that the scrub holds up really well, it's not slippery nor drippy, but deeply moisturizing and makes my skin much silkier by far. I figure since we can't beat this heat, well, might as well join it and show some skin that looks and feels just as bright and glistening in this very hot summery heat. This Whish Sugar Scrub is a real go in my opinion!

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