Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review - adesign Pointed Crease Brush

EyeFinish: Grade 'A' goat hairShape: Tapered bulletUse: This brush applies and blends eye shadow into the crease.
$20 00

OK so I am a little torn on this. First of all let me state that this is one mean blending machine! If you want a killer smokey eye, this is the brush you want to use. It fits into the crease of your eye so easily and blends the color well.

Two things I don't like about this:

Its made of Grade A goat Hair


Its $20

I don't know how I feel about the goat hair. Its a little odd. I really like the brush, but would I spend $20 dollars on it? That is the reason why I am torn. If you own a lot of makeup or are a makeup artist, this would be a brush you should invest in. However, I am not too sure if the everyday woman would buy this.

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