Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review - Sally Hansen Pure Scent-Sation Hair Remover for Face

Breakthrough system with fresh scent technology" eliminates unpleasant hair removal odor. 93% of women tested agreed this was the freshest smelling depilatory they ever used! Quickly dissolves away unwanted facial hair just below the skin s surface, leaving skin smooth and beautifully bare, without unsightly shadow or stubble, for up to 7 days of smoothness. Creamy rich formula leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Perfect for upper lip, chin and hairline. Results in as little as 3 minutes.

Remember the Sally Hansen PODS we reviewed a while back? This guy is like the regular, non-gimmicky version of those. It comes in a cute little pump bottle (there is something adorable about short, squat things) and is super-easy to use. As promised, the cream - excuse me, CREME - is virtually odor-free and works quickly to get rid of that Selleck you've been rocking. I didn't find it to be irritating at all, except for that weird feeling you sometimes get on your skin after using a depilatory - not itchy, not burning, but like your skin is made of clay, kind of? Anyone else get that? Just me? Great.

Anyway, recommended if you're the kind of gal who wants to go fuzz-free on your upper lip.

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