Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review - Votivo Fragrance Mist

4oz $18.00
Indescribably complex yet simply by nature, Clean Crisp White defines the scent of our memories and a lifestyle worth wishing for: sun dried white sheets billowing in the crisp springtime morning, uncontrollable giggles as freshly bathed little bodies run thru the house, and an overwhelming aroma of nothing but clean. Ahh the simple luxuries of life.

I am very big on scents. Some of my favorites are vanilla, strawberry and coconut. With that said, I've never really branched out of those flavors when it comes to air refresheners. I am so glad that I got introduced to Votivo fragrance mist in Clean Crisp White. OK, so the name is a little strange. When you spray it, you will think of a freshly washed and ironed white shirt. The smell is clean but not too overwhelming.
What I like about this fragrance mist, is that it blends well. Its so light, that it virtually mixes in with any other scents. Even yucky bathroom odors. The price tag is a little steep but it just takes a few sprays to make the room nice and fresh.
I also want to add how absolutely adorable the bottle is. It has a silver cap with a little silver tag hanging down with the name of the scent.