Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review - Brush Off Makeup Brush Cleanser

Compare the Brush Off Way to the old way of washing your brushes with soap and water, leaving them to dry overnight and hoping they will be dry before you need them. Chances are you put off cleaning your makeup brushes because of the hassle.

If I'm anything at all in life, I am lazy. I don't like to do anything extraneous if I don't need to. Mostly this means that I tend to put off doing my laundry (as I am doing currently) until the last possible moment, causing me to buy additional underwear instead of just washing the ones I have. It also means that I basically never ever wash my makeup brushes. This is bad for a variety of reasons, mostly that they get gunky and gross and might have beasties in them that will make you sick. Brush Off is a cleanser with SECRET INGREDIENTS (the website says it has alcohol and an anti-bacterial agent) that you spray on and wipe off with a tissue. I am also constantly running out of tissue (again, the laziness), but I happened to have some on hand when I tested this. It works far better than I anticipated, cleaning my gunky eyeliner brush with ease. The nicest thing by far is that because it's alcohol-based, the brushes dry fairly quickly and are usable again within minutes.

Sultana says: I never thought I needed to clean my makeup brushes. Then I took a look at the ones that I had. It wasnt a pretty sight. On my face brush, there was gunks of dried up powder. It was disgusting!
I think Brush Off is amazingly simple, also taking into consideration Ive never really done it before. From what I have heard from my friends that are makeup artists, it can be very hard work! I am really glad that the first time I did it, it went off without a hitch!

Trish says: I'm a bit like Movie Maven - a little, okay a lot, on the lazy side when it comes to cleaning (and/or repurchasing) my makeup brushes. Although for a germaphobic, sensitive skin type like me, I probably should be more high maintenance about this! I truly have tried washing my brushes before - with gentle soap and water- and the results were disastrous. I ended up throwing away my semi-cleaned, yet rather defunct brushes in the end. After trying the Brush Off cleanser, I feel that many of my makeup brush's problems have been solved! All you have to do is spray the bristles with the cleanser, wipe away the excess with a tissue, and you're done! Just like that. It dries within a few minutes and you can repeat the process for a thorough cleaning, if needed. Not only am I lazy, but also impatient, so cleaner brushes within minutes seem to win me over instantly. Having bacteria-free, almost like-new brushes feels wonderful, but even better is that for each spray bottle sold, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the early detection Cancer Schmancer cause. For makeup junkies, this makeup brush cleanser is not only a good deed, but also a beauty kit delight!

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