Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review- Softlips PURE Lip Polish

Sweet! A gentle, natural, exfoliating lip polish with organic coconut flakes and sugar leaves with the perfect polished pout.

I consider my lips one of my greatest features. Its hard to say this without sounding full of myself, but they really are plump and pouty and soft. So I do try to maintain the natural softness, with lots of TLC. Softlips PURE Exfoliating Lip Polish totally fits the bill. The gentle little grains slough off dead skin leaving your pout nice and supple. The texture is perfect - not too rough or greasy, and it doesn't crumble all over your lips when you try to put it on. Also the light, sweet, coconut smell is amazing! The best part is at $5.99 a pop its a steal, and a little bit goes a long way so this will last you a while.

Melissa says: I agree with Malikah, this is a great investment. I honestly never exfoliated my lips until I tried this product. Now, it's right next to my toothbrush and I slough up my skin every other day! It's kinda hard not to want to try it because the coconut flakes taste so good! Really though, it does a good job of keeping my loops smooth and looking fresh. Also, at $5.99 it's a small investment for a great outcome.

Trish says: This little pot of Softlips Lip Polish feels like pure luxury! I love that it is 100% natural and contains both organic coconut and sugar components. The exfoliating scrub does work, so I've learned to apply it sparingly over my lips, but afterwards, all the dead skin (ewww, I know) and flakiness goes away nicely and my lips are much softer and more polished, making it the perfect canvas for a nice lip gloss or sheer lipstick. I also use this at the end of the day sometimes to scrub off any residual lipstick and daytime wear. This polish is definitely worth it for a little maintenance and a lot of pampering!

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