Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review- Votivo Candles

In case you still haven't found a suitable present for that oh-too-hard-to-shop-for loved one (who already has everything!), I would highly recommend a Votivo Dalian Candle. The packaging is incredibly unique and stylish and the candle comes in a decorative (ceramic/glass?) case that is both amazingly sturdy and elegant, making it a welcomed addition to any home or bedroom space. According to the site, the burn time runs around 50-60 hours, and all of it is blanketed in a sensual fragrance that is both soft and subtle, as well as delightfully pleasing. Not too overpowering, but gentle enough to create a warm and beautiful atmosphere. What makes this candle a wonderful gift is the outstanding packaging coupled with the quality fragrance. I tried the Vanilla Bergamot Blossom, which for fans of vanilla scents, would totally delight.

While $40 for a candle is little steep, Votivo does offer other gorgeous scented candles for less, around $14-25. Such as the featured French, Aromatic and Color Lines below.

Even though the glass case is not as elegant or as striking as the sexy black Dalian line, the aromatic scent remains just as beautiful and powerful, as well as fragrant throughout the entire burn time, (which also runs about 50 hours).

So if you have any last minute shopping to do, and want to give a memorable gift that is sure to please for hours, these Votivo candles are definitely worth checking!

(Available at Ricky's as well as Whole Foods!)
Deedlejuse Says: Helloooooo world! I haven't posted in much too long! So this candle is absolutely wonderful. I know a $40-50 candle sounds like a lot, but for a soy wonder of this caliber I would definitely throw down that kind of loot. It burns clean, with no soot or anything at all. The packaging, as was mentioned above is to die for. Seriously as I was unpacking my box, as I always do, I was thinking about good openers. My first thought for this candle was: Love, seriously. Then I burned it and I have to say I am not dissapointed at all! I love LOVE this candle, not only because it is so nice burning, but because sometimes I need a little pamper. A little pamper is necessary, and if I have to throw down $40 so be it!

Melissa says: I have the Smoke on the Water candle and love that it smells just like it! The scent is soft and powdery and lingers even when the candle isn't burning. This is so important because so many candles have a faint smell. Like Deedlejuse, the packaging in beautiful and makes it a great experience. Also, a little burning goes a long way. Since this is a lux, and pricey candle, you may want to burn it for a short period of time (as long as it burns to the last outer ring) and let the scent stay for days to come!

Hillary says: I too have the Votivo Smoke on the Water and brother does it last! Not only does the candle itsself last an insanely long time (I'm not so sure my husband isn't switching them on me), the scent is powerful without being sickening. I.E. you know when this candle is/ has been burning. This is the candle to beat all candles if for nothing else than the fact that my Smoke on the Water candle has been open and sitting on my coffee table for months, I have it lit right now and it smells exactly as it did the day I first lit it. I know Votivo candles may initially cause some "sticker shock" upon looking at the price, but this candle is the equivalent of 10 regular candles in that a "regular" candle only really fills the room when you initially light it, maybe two times if you are lucky. When you break it down, I'd rather invest in a Votivo than more of another candle.

Sultana says: I agree with everyone, this will last a very long time due to its slow-burning abilities. I have this in the Tuscan Olive. I have never seen a candle that has such a nice texture. Its almost like a lip balm. If you swipe off a little piece and rub it together, it will dissolve. Which is amazing. I love the light scent that this has to offer. Its not over or underwhelming. The price is a bit much, but mostly because I am not into candles.

However, I do have many friends that are candle fanatics. I will definitely recommend this brand to them.

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