Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Review- Aveda Hand Relief

Incredibly rich moisture therapy soothes dry, chapped hands—leaving them noticeably softer and smoother. Hydrating plant emollients, humectants, exfoliating fruit acids and anti-oxidants—including vitamins A and E—help diminish signs of aging and provide optimal relief.

• Increases moisture levels and elasticity in skin with continued use.

This here is a great little hand lotion. Although it's a bit greasy for my tastes at first use (I prefer fast absorbing lotions and this one can stay a little greasy/slick for a few minutes after applying it) it does the job fantastically. It's not overly perfumey or scent saturated and it really does revitalize stressed out skin (like the bottle says). During the cold weather, while the rest of me looks like I'm in my 20's, to my chagrin my hands look like they belong to a 90 year old woman. After using this lotion a few times today, I have to say my hands definitely are less red and chapped and have lost that old dried out look that other hand lotions fail to deliver so quickly. A small bottle is around $7 so it's definitely something to pick up and have in your purse for when your hands are looking really rough.

Hillary Says:
My dry hands love this hand cream. My nose loves the fresh, slightly lemony scent. My conscience loves the fact that Aveda does not test on animals and make their products in the U.S.A. I, as a whole, really like the texture & wearability of this cream. I use it sparingly or just on the backs of my hands for day. I slather it on big-time before bed. One of it's first ingredients is aloe, but it also contains the emollients glycerin & Vitamin E. Now if they just made it with sunscreen (my personal crusade).

Deedlejuse Says:
This is definitely a really good, down to business sort of hand lotion. It is a bit greasy when you first apply, but nothing beats it for moisture and staying-power. My only problem with it was I really didn't like the smell. It was super natural smelling, like you had been rolling around in the green house after all of the plants had been thrown on the ground. It is probably great for a lot of people, and I'm sure that most people like that green sort of smell. The smell didn't stay for too long though, and after the first few minutes it is just a really great lotion. I bet that if my hands were a little bit more dry I would absolutely swear by this and not be picky about smells!

Trish Says:
My hands - they have been so dry and chapped lately, it's helpless. As soon as the temperatures drop, it's back to desert-like conditions on my hands. In need of major relief, something more than my average hand lotion, but not as rich and heavy as a body cream (although I have gone there), I broke out this tiny sample of Aveda's Hand Relief lotion. And let me say it works! Even on the roughest, driest of conditions, a small amount quickly absorbed into my skin, hydrating the surface and conditioning it at the same time. Because this sample is small, on my first couple of tries, I either used too little - and needed to apply more although I found that the lotion does sink into my skin beautifully or I used too much and had to let the hands dry out a little. Once I figured the right amount for my poor hands (a dime size will do) - I noticed just how well the lotion worked! It is smoothening, conditioning and fully softening, without stripping away any natural oils. Other positive factors for me include the nice blend of plant emollients and hydrating vitiamins, which you can really feel working into your skin, as well as the fresh natural scent that goes with Aveda products. Lovely stuff - especially for winter hands!

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