Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review - Pevonia Vitamin C Concentrate

Drench your skin with this phenomenal, non-greasy, microemulsified Vitaminic Concentrate. Naturally aromatic, it combats excessive dryness, dehydration, and premature aging. Radically effective, it combines Mandarin Essential oil, vitamins A and E for anti-oxidant action visibly brightening and improving skin texture.

This Vitamin Concentrate is to-die-for, and so inexpensive at $38!! You only get about a half ounce, but it is the best half ounce of your life. This concentrate is absolutely bursting with vitamins and minerals and leaves you feeling nourished and happy the next morning. My face is positively glowing, and I am close to the end of my little pot. It is best used at night with a good cleansing the next morning. It is an oil, even though it says it isn't oily. I might not use this in the summer to be on the safe side, but during the super-dry northeastern winter I am all for it! The scent is a really lovely citrus scent that I adore, in fact it is really difficult to fall asleep without it now. You only need one pump to really saturate your whole face. I have loved everything I have tried from Pevonia and this is no exception. Love the naturalness of this line!

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