Monday, February 15, 2010

Review - Jo Malone Grapefruit Bath Oil

Instantly awakening the senses, Grapefruit is a lively, uplifting citrus with a spicy heart. Grapefruit and tangerine are combined with vetiver and rosemary to create this outspoken citrus scent.

Grapefruit Bath Oil gently fragrances and moisturizes the skin. Lush and softly foaming, it's pure relaxation.

Sooooo..... No. It isn't for the people out there who are penny pinchers. And yes, if I had to actually buy this product I would definitely go to the store and get a sample first, but this is one of the most amazing products I have used for my body/bath time indulgence probably ever. So in all actuality I work for Jo Malone, so I was able to get a mega sample so that I would know what I was talking about when I sell the product. Score. I tried it in the bathtub, for my bath and I was overtaken by the incredibly indulgent and wonderful aroma of grapefruit. Energising and awakening, but in a very relaxing way. It bubbles and foams a bit and turns into milk as soon as it hits the water. The oil hydrates the skin in a sumptuous way..... mmmmm...... I'm reliving things here...
Sorry, ok so I was thrilled with the bathtub experiecne from this product, but if you are anything like me you don't drop $60 on a bathing product, regardless of how little you need to use. I tried it today as a moisturizer. OMG. I'm done, I NEED to owne at least one bottle of this oil, it doesn't have to be grapefruit, it could be, but any of her fragrances are equally wonderful. It is winter. My skin hates me this time of year. Regardless of how emmoilient a cream is my skin doesn't always just soak it up, and oil really does the trick when I really need some moisture. All in all I have been able to smell it all day, my skin is beautifully silky and moisturized and I had to use basically one pump for my whole body. I am in love. Ask for it for a gift, indulge one day, whatever you have to do you have to try this oil!

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