Sunday, February 21, 2010

Review - Revoulution Organics Beauty Balm in Bronzed

100% natural and created with 85% certified organic ingredients, this beauty multi-tasker delivers an instant healthy glow anytime, anywhere. The all-in-one balm infuses lips, cheeks, eyes, and d├ęcolletage with a natural, dewy radiance. Perfectly portable and ideal for on the go, the easy-to-use formula provides skincare and color in one for a hydrating hint of tint. Free of chemicals, synthetics, and artificial ingredients, the balm contains only 100% pure, natural and organic ingredients. Formulated with cold-pressed organic olive oil and deeply moisturizing organic coconut oil, The All-Over Beauty Balm comes in three glowing shades to complement any skin tone

These girls have got the right idea!!! I love the idea of this line: made with mostly organic all natural products, good for you without any of the weird chemical compounds usually found in make up these days, and super luxurious and easy to use! This Beauty Balm is so wonderful! It is a multi-stick idea of beauty balm, so you can use it anywhere, lips, eyes, cheek bones, and collar bones. The shade I have is Bronzed, which I find most useful on my cheek bones since I am pretty pale and in the winter I tend to look strange with too much color. It is super spreadable because it is really soft and creamy, which I think makes it one of the more use-able multi sticks I have used in the past. I love it and it is on discount @ right now for around $25. Come on people lets support their cause, 'cause it should be all of ours as well!

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