Friday, February 12, 2010

Review - Save Your Skin Shower Gel

Save Your Skin™ moisturizing shower and shaving gel is a skin nourishing shower experience. Also, nourish your GREEN HEART by Saving 1 Acre of Rainforest for 1 Year with every bottle purchased. Cruelty-free, no parabens, just natural and organic ingredients including organic Yerba Mate, the nutrient-rich, antioxidant alternative to green tea.

Do you love our Planet? Of course who would say no, right? With that being said I think that all of us say that we will do more, but life gets in the way and we don't do as much as we would like. At least that is how it is for me.....
The company Save Your World gives us really easy, inexpensive ways to make a difference. Their products are all natural, organic, paraben-free, cruelty free, and made with the sort of crunchy down to earth goodness that you can really feel good about purchasing. The best part of the whole mix is that by purchasing many of you are ensuring the safety of 1 acre of rainforest for 1 year. I mean, really???? For something that you need anyways? I'll take it. Any of it.

I tried a few products from this co. both of which I love, but my most favorite would have to be the
Save Your Skin Shower Gel which is made with organic Aloe Vera and Yerba Maté. It is sooooo wonderful! The flavor mine came in is Regal Blossom, and it smells amazing. Just like a full bodied floral, perhaps rose and jasmine, it is just so romantic. The gel is thin, and quite a strange color, but it lathers beautifully, moisturizes my skin with the aloe and all in all is just a fabulous product. For only $10~ (ok a bit on the pricey side but hey RAINFOREST remember!!) you can enjoy your shower with a clear conscience!

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