Saturday, February 20, 2010

Review- Dayna Decker Chandel Botanika

The influence of fresh botanicals yields the most serene intentions and profound effects, celebrating the beauty of nature as a true inspiration. Enveloped in multisensory luxury, a mesmerizing flame dances and flickers, as compelling infusions of aroma lusciously adorns the organic EcoWood Wick radiating a soft, crackling effervescence captivating your every sense.

This is definitely the sexiest candle I've ever seen. The hand-blown glass looks simple and elegant on any dresser or table, and is understated enough not to conflict with your decor. In addition to looking beautiful and boasting a subtle, classic scent, the flame flickers and crackles, almost like a real wood burning fire. This is the closest this city girl will ever get to a full fireplace! This is an easy and simple way to set the mood for an evening of romance at home, and definitely worth every penny.

Trish says: Malikah is so right - this is a really wonderful candle to have around. The wooden wick produces a warm, surreal and intimate setting with its high flickering flame and crackling sound effect. The glass encasement is not only sturdy and strong, but also bold and pretty to look at too while the candle is burning. The scent is floral-like and sweet. If you happen to be a bath type of person - then this would be the most ideal candle to have around. It's so sweet and pampering and full of warmth and ambiance - everyone deserves a treat like this at least once in a while! I wonder if it works for showers too? Probably not...but it may be worth a try with this lovely candle!

Hillary says: I three love this candle! It makes me feel like I have my own mini-fireplace, the way the wood wick crackles. It also smells delish without taking over the room. As the others have said, this is everything you want in a candle and more- great scent, great throw of scent, long burning time, attractive and as an added bonus- the cool crackling sound (which isn't loud or anything, but you can hear it when you go close to it).

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