Monday, March 15, 2010

Review - Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick

Siren is a naturally long-wearing, moisturizing lipstick that uses an ingenious blend of safe food grade ingredients. Siren contains NO petroleum-based adhesives. Using a heat and vacuum based non-chemical process, 2 plant oils are combined to produce a glistening moisturizing shine. Siren is the most striking new advance in lipstick formulation. Siren’s palette is a rich sophisticated array of colors flattering to all skin tones. $16

I am beginning to really love Vapour cosmetics! The color I have is Siren Knockout 405 which is a deep Berry color. This product amazes me. It has the color of a lipstick with the consistency of a lip balm. Its very nourishing and moisturizing but at the same time, the color pops. They are organic and designed so you can layer them. To top it off, they have a really nice smell & are super shiny. The $16 price tag is a little steep for the size of product, however it promises staying power & it will deliver. Not sure which color to use? Each color is made to compliment any skin tone.

Movie Maven says: after having used their foundation stick for a while, I am really starting to enjoy Vapour Organic products, so when I got two colors of their Siren Lipstick, I was stoked! I got it in two colors, Tempt and Hint. The first thing I'll mention is that if you're investigating the colors on the website, don't use the little thumbnail pics as your only reference point - the colors are much more accurate if you actually click on the thumbnails and view them larger. When I saw Tempt in the tube, I thought it looked a little on the drab side, but when I put it on, I thought it was the perfect, small bit of mauve that punches up your lips without screaming "I'M WEARING LIPSTICK EVERYONE." This color is fairly neutral - I tend to need cooler undertones, but I can see it working on warmer ones as well. The Hint is also nice; it's a bit pinker than the Tempt, but about the same level of color (which is to say, not much). I think I liked these so much because I'm more of a lip-gloss/balm girl than a lipstick girl, so if you're looking for long-wearing, super-tinted, actual lipstick? This isn't for you. But if lipstick scares you a little bit? Try this one for starters!

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