Monday, March 29, 2010

Review- OPI Suede Nail Polish

OPI's Suede Collection brings you classic OPI shades with a trendy suede finish.

Everyone has been raving about the latest trends in nail polish, and OPI's Suede Collection lets you get two hot trends in one - the chicness of a matte finish with a slight edge from the subtle pattern. OPI's Suede collection nail polishes are definitely a high fashion look. I tried it in You Don't Know Jacques!, a silver that looks insanely shimmery in the bottle, but dries to a matte finish on your nails. It really isn't an easy look to maintain however. OPI does warn you that the polish is not long-wearing, and using top coats or hand lotion will shorten its lifespan. I have to say that this look isn't quite for me - I just can't get on the whole matte nails bandwagon, but for someone more trend focused this can be your go to Fall/Winter shade.

Hillary says: This is a great polish for those who don't mind painting their nails often (which I don't mind), however, in fairness, this nail polish comes with a little tag around it's neck telling you in advance that it will not last as long as a regular nail polish and you can't use a top coat with it (which I thought was very nice of OPI to do). That said, I am totally smitten with the matte nail polish thing. This one not only has the matte finish, it also has a "sandy" texture that makes it feel a little rough (but not rough enough to snag on things). I am not totally trendy, but I do love trying the next big thing in nail polish. The only thing that will hold this product back from becoming the new "it" polish is it's staying power. I see it popping up in fashion shoots and runways everywhere, but I don't see your average Jane being willing to fully re-paint her nails every 3 days. BTW, I tried to fill in the chips with a single coat and it chipped the same day, so that's not a viable option. I will totally be wearing this to go out on a weekend night or to a party or the like, but I can't see making it a staple color in my arsenal (as much as I love it) simply for practicality's sake. My color is a grey with silver shimmer particles called "Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees Suede". I adore it, but I only bust it out for special occasions. To sum up, if you don't mind putting in the extra effort, this stuff looks really cool, but for you low maintenance beauties, look elsewhere.

Deedlejuse says: I am as Hillary mentions above of the low maintenance variety, and I have to say I adore the look of this polish, but after having to re-apply three times in as many days I have to say I was not the biggest fan. I also love the texture and the look of the polish, as everyone above mentioned it is this cool looking suede finish which I soooo love, but the staying power is the killer for me. Oh, I forgot the other MAJOR plus for me is that it takes about 2.5 seconds to dry, for me I would definitely put up with having to reapply everyday if it took me a total of five minutes to finish the manicure!

Sultana says: I have this in Lincoln Park After Dark. Its a pretty purple with lots of shimmer. I wasn't too excited about the whole matte thing. It just didn't appeal to me. But when I put this polish on, I was blown away. I wanted it in every single color! Its so unique and shimmery (just like me). So the staying power isn't great, but hey they are honest and tell you right off the bat! You have got to love OPI! I would definitely try the other colors in the suede collection. If you like different, and out of the ordinary then give this a try.

Trish says: It's true, sadly this lovely suede-style polish doesn't last too long before it begins to chip. I'm on day three now and the tips are all pretty gone, but it's still a fun polish in a nice muted finish. I tried the rich purple shade (top left corner) and at first I didn't like the soft glitter in the polish, nor the matted finish (it looked like spray paint on my fingernails to me) but then the look really started to grow on me and now I'm pretty fond of this OPI nail polish after all! For a special night out, this is surely a nice polish for a unique and different look on the nails. However, for the short life-span be aware that the look doesn't last long, but is still a fun style to try, that is if you don't mind reapplying a couple times.
Movie Maven says: Echo, echo, echo! Yes, this nail polish doesn't last as long as other polishes. Yes, they tell you that up front. But it looks really cool, and as Deedlejuse pointed out, it dries in a FLASH. I started with a base coat, which I think maybe extended the wear by a little bit, since I haven't really had any chips, but the tips are definitely beginning to wear off. I have this in Russian Navy, which is actually an OPI color I'm familiar with, and I will mention this: the Suede version of this color is not really like the regular version of this color. The regular Russian Navy is navy with deep purple undertones; this is more of a navy/black/silver thing happening. Not to say that the color's not wonderful, it is, but if you're expecting Russian Navy with a matte finish, you might be disappointed.

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