Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review - Nick Chavez Flocker

A state-of-the-art, fast-drying, texturizing and volumizing universal hair styling spray.

This product proves that you should always READ THE DIRECTIONS before trying a new product. Now, I am big on directions in certain milieus - building shelving, driving in the country, changing a tire - but in other arenas, I tend to ignore them. Cooking falls into this category, as well as hair products. "What could the package POSSIBLY say to do that I won't just DO?" Well, in the case of this Nick Chavez Flocker, it says to spray the stuff into your hands, then work through your hair. I sprayed it directly on to my head.

Do not do this unless you enjoy looking dirty all day (which, I don't know, you might).

Once I started using it as directed, I really liked it - when used in conjunction with a blowdryer, I got LOTS of volume. This is probably best for medium-length hair: if your hair is shorter than a Louise Brooks bob, you could probably find something to give the same effect with more hold, and if your hair is longer than your shoulders, I imagine that this flocker might weigh it down a bit. But for ladies in between, this stuff is great!

Trish says: Ever have those days when no matter what you do, your hair looks rather bad up and a whole lot worse down? My hair has a mind of its own sometimes and surely likes to rebel just for kicks some days. Here comes in the beauty of Nick Chavez's Flocker. (I love the name for some reason.) When my hair wants to be neither calm nor full, but rather unruly and limp, I go to this wonderful hair care product. It feels as light as a mousse, but strong enough as a volumizer and works gently through my hair. As a result, my hair whips back into shape with more texture and volume and malleability and I can safely leave home without needing to wear a hat as a cover up. Also, I really like that it is light enough to not weigh my hair down too heavily, but also it gives my hair some texture, body, strength and shape. Thanks Flocker for rescuing me from those limp and bad hair days!

Josephine says: Flocker? I just met her. Ha. Ahh, you have to self-amuse in life, right? I am don't have much to add by way of original content thanks to the eloquence of the girls above but I will reiterate that this stuff is so awesome not to mention intelligent. It somehow intuits what your hair needs and then without drama does it. I also struggled initially with how/when/why to use it but as soon as I glanced at the directions I felt empowered to eventually use it off-label, if you will. Also, about 2 months ago I underwent a Japanese straightening treatment and my waves went from unruly and frizzy (at times) to swanky and slinky yet Flocker works as well now as it did when I tried it pre-treatment.


Carolyn said...

I love reading your reviews! I use this Flocker stuff too and love it. Keep up the good work!

Movie Maven said...

Thanks for reading! It's such a great product!!