Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review- Gel Katharistiko Wild Herb Sponge Cleanser

Sponge brings you this rejuvenating cleanser for all skin types, a delicious and fragrant blend of hand-picked ingredients, designed to make your skin radiant. Formulated with extracts of sage and thyme, it contains clarifying properties that thoroughly purify, while olive leaf nourishes and hydrates. The blend is antioxidant-rich and has the ability to cleanse deeply without stripping skin of its natural moisture barrier, while restoring skin’s normal pH. $30

This beautiful Gel Katharistiko Wild Herb Sponge Cleanser truly does go the distance in purifying the skin and making enlarged pores look much smaller, yet still leaving the skin feeling healthier, brighter and nourished. On a daily basis, my skin can get semi-oily and clogged pretty easily, and after using this gel wash, it feels so much purer and clearer and looks noticeably more radiant and glowing. The Greek botanicals do carry a subtle scent, yet you can really see how the herbal extracts really purify your skin. It's a great cleaner to use in the morning, as you want this kind of clear and smooth surface to work with. The only small minor complaint for me was that at night, it didn't remove all my makeup, such as mascara, but that's something I'm willing to forgive, because my easily-clogged skin looks so much clearer and purified after using this facial wash. I'm definitely a fan and this gel cleanser ranks as one of my all-time favorites!

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